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Making Whoopee 3.0 — Orgasmic Intercourse Techniques for Him and Her

Here is my collection of intercourse techniques that will increase your orgasmic capacity, deliver more pleasure and heighten arousal of penetration sex.

Making Whoopee 3.0
Read on to learn about these intercourse techniques. Some things about getting laid you don’t know. I’m a champion of intercourse… Penis-in-vagina sex. Coitus. “The old in-and-out.” ORGASMIC INTERCOURSE TECHNIQUES Too many young sexperts out there downplay the importance of good-old making whoopee — saying people should focus on clitoral pleasure to help women close … Continue reading
“Squatting Tiger Bouncing Lion Sex Position
I like to make my guy orgasm so hard he blows stuff out of his pipes back from 1979. And then I want to give him an even better orgasm the following day… The kind of climax that sounds like a caveman is raiding a village… The way to do this best is to get … Continue reading
“Feline Grind” Technique
Alternate from slides and glides to grinds and squeezes during penetration with the woman on top… How was your week? I’m packing up for a ski trip, and it’s snowing in Tahoe!  Before I go, I want you to have this accelerator for intercourse orgasms called the “Feline Grind.” This is part of my orgasmic … Continue reading
“Glissando” Intercourse Technique
Flip the script on Making Whoopee 3.0 This week, I’m headed to the Rocky Mountains to hit the ski slopes. Pray for snow. Today’s article is about one of those sex techniques that are so simple you can do it well the first time you try it, but the more you do it, the better … Continue reading
My “Heart Tongue” Penis Technique
Happy Holidays, sweetie pie. I’m sitting by the window looking out at the snow falling on pine trees in Whistler, British Columbia. After giving you this unique lovemaking technique, I’m heading out to the slopes this morning. The “Heart Tongue” penis technique is a visualization strategy for improving your intercourse experiences. I want you to … Continue reading
Dope Sex Date Scenario Inside
So here is a way you can get the best of both worlds… a delicious clit, loaded with blood flow and sensation and a satisfying man hammer filling you up. Live the fun sex date life. Happy New Year, Cutie Pie! I have a super fun sex date scenario for you to ring in 2022. … Continue reading
“He melted my panties off…” (Sexy Talk Story)
Ken has some hearing loss in one ear but craved the verbal feedback from his new partner Katie. When they first started dating, he expressly requested that Katie make a lot of noise for him during sex. She had previously been almost silent behind closed doors. But she really wanted Ken to know what a … Continue reading
3 Intercourse Orgasms I Want You To Try
Here are three ways you can both come better, harder, and more often during penetrative sex that I want you to try. These penetration orgasm techniques are part of my Making Whoopee 3.0 series of orgasmic intercourse skills. Penetration Orgasm Techniques During Intercourse When we think about orgasm, we often assume women achieve climax by … Continue reading
When She Wants A Good Pounding
Sometimes the feminine just wants to be taken. Sometimes she enjoys a good pounding. Romance novels abound with lusty wenches being taken by scalawags. Sometimes she wants you to tell her what to do and when to do it in the bedroom. She wants to get out of her head and into her body. She … Continue reading
Safe Bondage Sex Positions
Wedge Sex “Making Whoopee 3.0” Technique. Read on to learn more about safe bondage sex. Hey, Hey, Sweetie Pie! Another week has gone by, and I have something new for you to try. This week my technique for the orgasmic intercourse series, Making Whoopee 3.0, is called “Liberate Her.”  She will be restrained on a … Continue reading
Let’s make your “Sexual Bucket List.”
I hope you are feeling cheery today. I’m about to go hit the slopes this morning in Beaver Creek. It’s been a glorious few days of sunshine and perfect snow conditions. I’m feeling strong and sending you good vibes! About 10 days ago I did my first speaking from the stage before the pandemic. I … Continue reading
Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse
Here’s a video playlist where I show you orgasm techniques. Click here to check it out.

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