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Let’s make your “Sexual Bucket List.”

I hope you are feeling cheery today. I’m about to go hit the slopes this morning in Beaver Creek. It’s been a glorious few days of sunshine and perfect snow conditions. I’m feeling strong and sending you good vibes!

About 10 days ago I did my first speaking from the stage before the pandemic. I spoke to a group of personal development entrepreneurs who want to live their best life financially, romantically, and in excellent health. As the speaker on day two all about sex, I led them through a guided visualization of sexual adventures so they could make their own Sexual Bucket List.

Apparently that night a lot of the couples had some really great sex. And they invited me back to their event in the Maldives, all expenses paid. So I think they really enjoyed the process. 

I’m getting this Sexual Self Assessment ready for you to create your own Sexual Bucket List. It’s coming soon. And I wanted to tell you what I did to prepare them because this is material you’ve already gotten from me because you’re in my newsletter. 

This is essential information that everyone needs to know before creating their own Sexual Bucket List. The four key areas are: (scroll down)

The Four Key Areas of Sexual Exploration 

  1. The Anatomy of Pleasure
  2. Sexual Regenerative Treatments
  3. Sex Tech
  4. Making Whoopee 3.0

The Anatomy of Pleasure is all about how our genitals work. Men and women start with the same parts, but it’s vital to understand how they get aroused and what kind of touch all of our body parts prefer. Unless you understand how to arouse a woman’s body in the right manner, she will never reach her orgasmic potential. This is one of the critical areas where people who think they know how to make love are very boring, basic lovers, and those like you who are always learning become the masterful lovers that are Olympic-level partners.

Sexual Regenerative Treatments are the technologies and therapies that reverse genital atrophy, restore sensation and orgasmic intensity, increase penile and clitoral erections and therefore pleasure, increase lubrication for women and semen volume for men as well as deal with urinary incontinence and any kind of painful sex. If we want to keep having great sex until the day we die, sexual regenerative tools and treatments are of utmost importance in turning back the clock on aging.

Sex Tech is a burgeoning category of pleasure tools for solo and partnered pleasure. I walked the audience through all my favorite at-home regenerative devices as well as the four kinds of vibrators every woman should own for orgasmic cross-training, men’s tools for blended P-Spot and penile pleasure, the best sex toys for couples to incorporate into lovemaking, the toy I recommend all women use for a 30-day self-pleasuring challenge and other sundry items I would put in your pleasure chest.

Then once they were warmed up by all this sexy talk, I got into my new series on orgasmic intercourse techniques called Making Whoopee 3.0. I explained the Orgasm Gap — the report from Dr. Laurie Mintz that explains how men can easily come from coitus where women struggle to achieve orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex. Most sexperts will tell you that you should do OTHER things to give women their orgasm. I call malarkey on that notion. It’s just bad advice. Orgasms from intercourse are simply a learned skill. Every vulva owner can learn how to orgasm solely from intercourse without any additional direct clitoral stimulation because the clitoris is literally wrapped around the vagina.

With my techniques such as Glissando, Bouncing Tiger Squatting Dragon, The Heart Tongue Technique, Feline Grind, and others from my Making Whoopee 3.0 series all couples can turn intercourse into an incredible, orgasmic pleasure ride. 

You can search on any of these keywords in this article on my website, Personal Life Media to get all the instructions to try them yourself. But you might also enjoy listening to my recent podcast episode with Amy and April on Shameless Sex. You may remember the videos we did on my Better Lover channel showcasing sex toys including putting Amy in a sex swing. So fun! For this segment, we did an entire podcast where I explained these Making Whoopee 3.0 intercourse techniques in detail, as well as the six kinds of moaning and dirty talk that work great to have more orgasms during sex. I did the show in my sexiest voice, so it’s a hot ride through all my best techniques. 

Listen to it here.


What I liked best about doing this live speaking event was seeing real-time what resonated with the audience. In the ladies’ room, the women told me they LOVED the anatomy details about their bodies. Things they didn’t even know about their own genitals and pleasuring them well.

The audience also reacted to the sexual regenerative devices and I got a lot of requests for links to the do-it-yourself at-home tools. Most people found a few new sex toys they decided to buy. And my demonstrations of how to move your body during sex got a lot of laughs and even more appreciation.

I’ll be sending you links to the tools and toys in upcoming articles. But if you have a question in the interim, just comment on this article and I’ll give you personalized advice. You know I love helping every one of my fans personally. If you didn’t ask me your most private questions I could never have become the intimacy expert to millions. You make me who I am. I appreciate you so much.

I’m going to swoosh up some powder on the slopes!

I love you.

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