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“The follow on ideas by email from the “California Girls” is like attentive waitress service bringing unexpected but delightfully tasty nibbles.” — Andy, UK

Four female human sexuality and relationship experts make Personal Life Media’s online home study courses and email newsletters uniquely valuable.

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      Meet Our Experts



  • Discover how a man can lead his woman into her sensual potential
  • Learn how to take a woman to her orgasmic capacity
  • Find  out why being honest and standing for yourself in your relationship makes it even more passionate
  • Susan Bratton, Dr. Patricia Taylor, Sloane Fox and Tallulah Sulis range in age from their 20’s to their 60’s offering you a breadth of cutting edge details about romance and lovemaking.


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Sloane Fox

– Our sensual ambassador and an expert in sexual communication.

Patty TaylorSilhouette

 Dr. Patti Taylor

– The world’s leading expert in Expanded Orgasm and expanded lovemaking.

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Tallulah Sulis

– A global expert in female ejaculation and female orgasm.

SusanBratton 3531f

Susan Bratton

– Our CEO and a thought-leader in passionate relationships.

 Susan, You are such an Enlightened Badass Beauty… Thank you for your unique angle and sensually slick swagger in a world full of masculinity  ravaging snakes… It’s women like you that remind me how wonderful it is to be a man in an ever changing feminine furnace. ― Alpha Juliet