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Female Orgasm: Exploring Intimacy with My Girlfriend, Approved by My Husband [Mailbag]

Is sex just about the pounding? 

Of course not! That’s why the Orgasm Gap between men and women is so vast.

Great sex and beautiful orgasms don’t come from raw poundage. The clitoris is a large structure, and it’s part of an erectile SYSTEM that needs soft, deep caressing to respond fully. Plus, the woman also needs to feel desired and aroused and experience explosive peak pleasure from the sensation that her body craves. 

How do you know what her body craves? 

Check out my reader’s email and my response below. You’re going to love it.

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“Hi, Susan! 

I will start with a huge thank you for offering and taking the time to read my email. I am open to any advice you have!

I will condense my story, even though there are some very juicy details 😉

My husband and I have been together for 15 years since I was 20 — and we have only been having male orgasm-centered sex for those 15 years. I never knew how to be touched or have an orgasm other than masturbating with my vibrator.

And even that sometimes happens, but most of the time, my clit becomes too numb after too much buzzing that I just lose it. No sensuality, no foreplay. 

It wasn’t until a good girlfriend, and I started becoming intimate with each other with my husband’s approval that my mind was BLOWN by how my vulva and body could and should be touched.

My husband has since learned that there is more to sex than pounding me for 15 minutes weekly. And it’s fantastic. But we have a ways to go!

He bought a few toys and books, including “She Comes First ” which has been a game-changer, but it’s still a mind-shift to get him and me away from the Orgasm goal. 

I also am getting orgasm pressure from him and myself, which doesn’t help. He has ego issues in the bedroom, which cause him to try harder and inhibit our genuine connection. 

I am genuinely grateful and open to any advice! We are ready to explore everything and are sexually uninhibited, so nothing is off the table :)” — Gwen (not her real name) 


Hi Gwen,

I highly recommend you two get the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program. 

This light clitoral stroking technique will put you in great orgasmic states. 

Further, it will teach your husband to feel your sexual energy and read your orgasmic biofeedback. 

Third, the stroke is simple, but we give you 21 Erotic Playdates that break down the training into little experience chunks. You two can genuinely benefit from this sexual snacking together. 

The dates will provide structured learning in a fun, sexy bow.

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This is the practice that helped me finally have orgasms from intercourse. And Tim and I have been doing this Expanded Orgasm practice for 17 years.

It’s the single most powerful technique in my entire portfolio of sex techniques.

Female Orgasm

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2 Responses

  1. Some, but not all men think Making Love is the same as Raw Sexual Intercourse. It’s not ! Some men see Sex as a 100 yard dash (Raw Sex), when in reality it’s more like a 26.2 mile marathon (Making Love). When you go slow, you are less likely to do the same thing you did the last few times. Most women LOVE a Variety of things when you Making Love WITH her.

    All it takes for some men to be aroused is a thought, a glance from a woman who bent over and he got an eye full of her breasts and her areola; or even, working out at the gym and a woman is wearing yoga pants and her “camel toes” are seen by everyone, including Ray Charles !

    Most women need some time to “warm up” to a man’s touches whether by his fingers, hands, penis or his chin, or another one of your body parts. If you’ve never allowed a woman to rub her vulva into your chin, it’s HOT ! Why ? She can control the speed, the motion, the pattern, the depth and how soon she cums. Word to the wise: SHAVE before engaging in this because no woman wants her “lady parts” rubbed raw with 60 grit sand-paper.

    So take your time guys. Seldom will you get extra points by being done in Seconds ! Unless she comes right out and says: “I just need a quickie !” Remember how good it felt when you first learned how to French Kiss… When you pleasure her first she’s going to want that feeling to continue. And thus, she’s more than likely going to want to pleasure you in return and enjoy ALL of you !

    If you have questions about something, but are afraid to ask your Doctor about it. . . drop Susan and her Team a note. She has more wisdom on Making Love than most Doctor’s do !

    1. 1st off. Hi. Me and my wifey have been together for almost 18 yrs. Our sex is still great. But I’m in search of someone to help/teach/convince her that if she achieves a squirting experience it would be the best orgasm she can experience. We are close but haven’t done it yet

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