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Spinner Sex Position

“The women who can do this, they call them spinners. I heard one guy say “It’s like they are a helicopter!,” because they twirl around with the man laying flat on his back.

The “old in and out” is just one of the ways a man can manipulate his penis during intercourse. Discover how to do more than jackhammer her like a piston. Learn how to probe her sweet spots to bring her more orgasmic pleasure. Here are three techniques that will immediately improve your pleasure and satisfaction.

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— Matt

Having a “stroke portfolio” of hip swivels, penis pivots and the spinner technique will increase a woman’s arousal and satisfaction.

How you move your hips and manhood make a huge difference in the amount of pleasure she feels during lovemaking, especially if her vaginal tissues are delicate from hormonal fluctuations.


The “piston” move you see on porn creates a lot of unnecessary friction. Though that may feel good on a penis, the vagina likes to be stroked inside all around… the roof, the floor, the sides each stimulate different areas:

➤ Massaging the roof stimulates the under side of the clitoris, the urethral sponge or the G-Spot (which is actually an area, not just a spot) and the A-spot or anterior fornix. Hip swivels work well to bring sensation to the roof and floor.

➤ Massaging the floor stimulates the perineal sponge, another area of erectile tissue on the posterior wall between the vagina and rectum.

➤ Massaging the sides stimulate the clitoral legs or crura and the vaginal nerves. The penis pivots work well to bring sensation to the side walls. Many women can feel sensations down their legs from massaging at 3 and 9 o’clock if you think of the clitoris as 12.

Because stamina is many men’s primary sexual frustration — they can’t last long enough to bring her to orgasm from intercourse — knowing these techniques will actually slow down his need to ejaculate while increasing the sensation she feels in more areas of her vulva. Everybody wins!

If her arousal drops, move to a new stroke. If she says, “don’t stop!”, don’t stop.

There are three concepts you can add to your sexual repertoire in this article.

1) Hip Swivels
2) Penis Pivots
3) The Spinner Technique

The Hip Swivels are what he does on the outside. These are fluid pelvic movements that just feel incredible to women. One of the hip swivels in this article is very similar to the “hip drop” in a stamina technique called, “The ME Breath.”

The ME Breath is a relaxation technique that allows a man to last longer. One of the three components of the ME Breath is a hip rocking movement. This hip drop slows down his urge to ejaculate and is used —along with a certain way of breathing and using a muscle contraction —to maintain an erection during intercourse until she wants him to ejaculate. This hip movement is also part of the first steps to becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Men are capable of having many full-body, energy orgasms prior to having a final ejaculatory orgasm. And all men can do it, no matter what age. As a matter of fact, using the ME Breath which is a combined squeeze, breathe and thrust technique is not only a body-based stamina technique, it is the pathway to male multiple orgasm.

So these hip swivels not only feel really great massaging all the hot spots in her vaginal canal, they help a guy last. And he is going to be soooooo close to coming watching her get off on this three techniques that he’s going to need all the relaxation he can get!

So the hip swivel is something HE does with is own body.

The penis pivots are how he moves his penis to touch specific spots in her vagina.

The Spinner describe below is more of a stimulation technique combined with a sex position.

Here are some pictures and descriptions of hip swivels and penis pivots that feel incredible:

Hip Swivels and Penis Pivots <=== The Angle of Your Dangle Matters! – Click Here To Read


In addition to using penis strokes to stimulate 360 degrees inside her vaginal canal, using the tip of the penis on the outside brings incredible pleasure too. With a well lubricated penis and lots of organic coconut, avocado, or grapeseed oil on her vulva is a great way to begin to get her engorged and to prepare her for entry of your penis in her vagina.

Holding your penis and rubbing it above her clitoris, down the slit, between the labia, and on her fourchette (the area where her labia join together at the bottom of her vagina) will arouse and plump up the tissue, making intercourse feel even better.

Here is a podcast with Dr. Patti Taylor and Gayle Michaels, author of Vinyasa Tantra Illustrated, How to do The Intimate Dance where Gayle describes this Helicopter Spinner Technique.

Helicopter Spinner Technique <=== The Intimate Lovemaking Dance – Click Here To Listen


“Begin in missionary style. The man points, aims his penis, finds that little concave moon shaped area right below a woman’s pubic bone, places the glands under that concave moon shaped area under the pubic bone, and begins to rotate his hips like Elvis Presley using the head of his penis like a sophisticated massage tool.

And as he rotates, the woman’s labia will begin to blossom and get really really juicy. He will refrain from shoving in and hammering in like a nail, like most sex happens. As he continues to spiral his penis on her vulva, she will blossom. And then if he continues to spiral all the way down into the bottom of her vulva before he enters her, she will become engorged and ready for penetration.

When she’s ready, they make love in missionary style for a while. He then begins to rotate her leg. Move, let’s say, her left leg up to his right shoulder and then over to his left shoulder and then down to his left hip. And so she’s spiraling her leg in front of him over, sort of like the hand on a clock. And then if she turns face downward and he places a hand underneath her hip and lifts, she can slide her knee up into doggie without them ever coming apart.

They then continue the rotation so that she’s done one 360 degree rotation with him being the guide on the top. And then if he slips his hand under her hip and rolls her over and sits her on top, she can spin around on top and there are quite a few positions that she can go through as she spins around on top.

The women who can do this, they call them spinners. I heard one guy say “It’s like they are a helicopter!,” because they twirl around with the man laying flat on his back.” — Gayle Michaels (transcript from the podcast)

Now you have three ways to increase pleasure with a penis that doesn’t include pumping in and out. The “piston” is fine, but it’s just the most basic of all penis-in-vagina techniques.

Spend a lifetime learning new techniques and you’ll be richly rewarded with a sex life that keeps getting better.

Susan Bratton Trusted Hot Sex Advisor

I highly recommend Dr. Patti’s podcast, Expanded Lovemaking. You can learn an incredible amount about sexuality from her wise questions and intelligent guests. Here is a link to subscribe.

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