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Book Review: “The Hormone Secret” by Dr. Tami Meraglia

Adrenal fatigue and libido cure.

So many men write to me and tell me their wives don’t want sex anymore and use the excuse that their “hormones are dried up.”

Women write to me and tell me they want to want sex but are too exhausted.

Don’t settle for misery! Don’t just accept that you feel old or tired. Do something about it. Do THIS.

With today’s modern food supply being full of processed food, the impact from chemicals that surround us and invade our body from cleaning supplies to outgassing of goods in our home and an “always on” modality of being tied to our smart phones, we’ve exhausted our bodies.

Men and women as young as their twenties are experiencing adrenal fatigue, early onset of diabetes and suppressed libidos.

In her new book, Dr. Tami Meraglia, MD describes a simple turn around solution to belly fat, exhaustion, lack of libido and general crankiness.

The Hormone SecretDR. TAMI MERAGLIA

Her plan includes eating superfoods, taking certain supplements and getting on a combination of hormones that work together to:

  • Increase your muscle to fat ratios
  • Give you more personal resources, patience and ease
  • Help you sleep better
  • Give you more vitality and improve your libido
  • Make your skin more taught and healthy
  • Improve and make your overall body systems function better
  • And on and on..

Adrenal fatigue is a deep exhaustion that comes from taxing your adrenals with too much stress. Dr. Tami explains how to recover from adrenal fatigue and the inflammation that slows you down.

Here is a link to her excellent book >>> The Hormone Secret: Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days.

Here is a link to the  interview >>>

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If you are experiencing any of these issues, I highly recommend following Dr. Tami’s protocol. It’s easy and it will get your life, and your sex life back.

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  1. I would love a cure on my manliness having an erection would be great, I have pre diabetes is what they say but when I had surgery the Doc took out the stitches in 7 days later all healed up now the clinic said there is no way you have diabetes you never heal that fast never happens, so what is keeping my libedo down.

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