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“My lover can’t stand my breath…” [Mailbag]

Now and then, we are brought face to face with the intricacies of life. 

And with them, the realization that our health and intimate relationships are more connected than we think. This connection between the two became apparent in Anna’s journey, where an intimate problem led to her discovering health issues that went far beyond the problem. 

Anna is one of my long-time readers who wrote about her remarkable journey.

Her story began with a confession from her partner about her garlicky breath. This minor blip in their relationship catalyzed an exciting health journey. Anna saw it as an opportunity for self-improvement and asked for advice on oral microbiome tests and maintaining fresh breath.

I encouraged her to appreciate her partner’s honesty. This is an essential ingredient to lasting intimacy. I told her that her issues might stem from a deeper concern. 

Gut dysbiosis. This is an imbalance in the gut flora due to bacterial, fungal, or parasite overgrowth. And while oral health could contribute, her issue was likely more than oral hygiene. 

I recommended she get the GI Map from Diagnostic Solutions Lab, a comprehensive test to diagnose potential gut issues. Dr. William Davis’s Super Gut is a gem. It explores healing strategies for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth). It’s a practical way to regain balance.

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William Davis

Anna took this advice to heart and embarked on her journey towards wellness. She underwent comprehensive tests, including the GI Map, a DNA scan from the DNA company, an OAT test, and mycotoxins testing. 

As she awaited some of the results, the tests she’d completed clearly showed severe dysbiosis and toxicity in her body. 

She found high candida counts, strep, and staph, h. pylori, various imbalances in gut bacteria, leaky gut and brain, hyperimmune reaction to foods, potential myelin sheath damage, and high endotoxemia, among other issues.

Her past lifestyle and environment had taken a toll on her health.

Yet, in the face of these daunting revelations, she remained optimistic. She understood that overcoming these health challenges would improve wellness and enhance her mental clarity and emotional balance. She noticed a change in her internal chatter, as her mental voices seemed to adopt a more rational and less reactive approach to situations.

There was also a significant improvement in her relationship. 

The honesty that had been the starting point for her wellness journey had opened the door to more open communication and vulnerability between her and her partner. She became more appreciative of her partner’s humanity and their shared imperfections. 

Anna began to understand that missteps in a relationship are not the end but could signal the beginning of deeper love. She realized that her partner, like any other human being, could forget and make mistakes and that it was alright to gently remind him of what he needed to do to nourish their intimacy.

Anna’s story serves as a testament to the deep interconnections between our health, both physical and emotional, and our intimate relationships. 

It shows us the power of honesty, openness, and willingness to confront issues head-on in transforming our lives and those around us.

Anna’s journey is an inspiring example of how one can transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. It highlights the importance of taking care of our health, not only for our wellbeing but

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Check Out My Video ⇐ Undoctored: Take Back Your Health (My Interview With Dr. William Davis, Author of SuperGut)

Susan With Anna Lindfors

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