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Vestibular Bulbs: How To Find And Stroke Them For Maximum Pleasure

I first learned about Vestibular Bulbs from Sheri Winston, author of the best book on female anatomy ever written.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Dr. Patti did with Sheri where she describes the Vestibular Bulbs. Vestibular Bulb DescriptionThe best way to engorge her vestibular bulbs is to stroke them with organic avocado or coconut oil (something edible that can be used safely around her vulval area).

They are underneath her pubic hair between her slit and her legs where the green arrows designate in the picture immediately below:

Vestibular Bulbs
Start from the outer edges. Massage more down than up, especially in the beginning. Go with, not against the nap of her pubic hair.

Try all kinds of strokes from small circles, to pats, to light kneading. Roll your fingers across the top of her mound, her mons venus. Ask her for feedback and see what feels good to her. Spend a considerable amount of time there as you are awakening that erectile tissue. Each time you give her a vestibular bulb massage it will begin to engorge faster and more fully.

The ultimate goal is to have the tissue all around the opening to her vagina be so engorged that the tissue seems almost gelatinous. When you can wiggle her pudendum like jelly and it easily moves up and down and all around instead of being “stuck” to her body, you’ve done a thorough job.

Then you can move toward the center further and start engorging the hood of her clitoris and her clitoral shaft before you begin your Expanded Orgasm date.

Do you want to download this brochure explaining What Is Expanded Orgasm?”
If so, click below. It’s a fast read and a whole new way to make a woman have really long orgasms.

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  2. I have been giving “attention” to the vestibular bulbs for a long time, but though that they were actually part of the labia, and were part of the whole process of getting the area excited and engorged via stroking, oral attention and general direct pressure.
    Thanks and I think I need an anatomy refresher!
    This will also help inform my oral style as I now know a little more about the connection with the clitoris, and I can incorporate this in not only “foreplay” to get things prepared for more action, but also full-on orgasm pathways as these will no doubt play a nice role in an overall stimulation ramp connected with the clitoris.

  3. I always knew that something had to go on down there but was never sure, I ha d a girl who I would hug her a she would get wet just from a hug and asked why, she said when I get close to the man I’m with and I imagine having sex I just get wet. Most of all, I could always make her orgasm sometime multiple times.

  4. Personal question here, ladies. But first I want to sing your praises for leading me (and my lover) to discover my vestibular bulbs. It is so crazy that in this day and age the anatomy of female pleasure is still not fully understood.

    In that vein in my question: Do you think a vestibular bulb can be damaged, leading to pain during intercourse? And do you know of any doctors who would entertain that question — i.e. who not only recognize the existence of vestibular bulbs but would take a middle-aged woman’s pain during sex seriously? (Yes, I embed quite of bit of pessimism, sarcasm and lack of faith in the medical profession in that question.)

    If a man can break his penis, though rarely, it seems that something apparently more fragile like the vestibular bulbs could also be damaged. My right bulb has a “valley” in the middle of it. That spot corresponds with the area just inside my vagina that sometimes hurts during intercourse. Believe me, it’s not the “vaginal muscular contractions” of “vaginismus” (I hate that overly general and dismissive label or just post-menopausal dryness that’s at fault. It is always the same spot.

    1. Hi Sallie,
      This is just a guess, but perhaps you damaged the tissue there somehow? Like as a child falling on the cross bar of a boy’s bicycle or horseback riding and hitting the saddle? It sounds from your description like the tissue in your vestibular bulb may be traumatized.
      You didn’t explain what the pain feels like during intercourse and of course I can’t see what it looks like… but try this.
      If it is tissue damage, then vulvar massage may be a tremendous help to heal that tissue.
      I’m happy you have a lover, because though you can do these massages yourself, it’s easier if you can relax and have your lover massage you.
      Start by laying very comfortably with pillows supporting your butterflied-opened legs. Have your lover take some warm massage oil and cover their hands completely in it (like putting on hand cream). Have your lover stroke your abdomen, pelvic area and inner thighs. If you’re moved to want your breasts lovingly massaged as well, do so. The idea is to bring healing love to your body.
      As you get warmed up and feel ready, have your lover start at your mons pubis and stroke across the top of it. The “goal” is to get the tissue all around your vulva to become almost gelatinous. You want your tissue to be completely relaxed. From the mons, have your lover start stroking in downward, light, soft strokes from your mons to your sweet little butt cheeks all the way down your vestibular bulbs. As you request, your lover can increase the pressure of the strokes with the intention of relaxing that tissue and making it jiggly.
      Bring a light touch to the injured area. Smooth blood from the energized tissue around the wound into that valley. You are using the natural erectile function of the vestibular bulbs to engorge the bulbs, with a focus on the valley.
      Your lover can also wipe a bit of the oil off (I like Hobe avocado oil for Yoni massage because it’s pure and edible.) and suckle your vestibular bulbs. Have your lover start lightly and give them guidance as they go so that everything feels good, nurturing and healing. The suckling action will “mend” that tissue even more than the stroking alone.
      As you are ready for fingers inside you, instruct your lover to slowly massage their way into your Yoni. Help your lover find the spots inside your vaginal canal that feel healing to your wound. Give a lot of feedback to your lover during this whole process. Ask for what you want and need to bring love, blood and healing to your wound.
      Do this massage routine every couple days for a few weeks and see if you begin to get relief. Please let me know how it goes.
      Love, Susan

      1. You know Susan, I’ve been trained in Taoist Tantra, yet never before has anyone talked about “suckling” my vulva and vestibular bulbs. Thank you! I’m pretty sure he will enjoy your “assignment.” (Also, thanks for the gender-neutral pronouns and for not assuming my lover is male.)


  6. I apologize for coming off a little rough there. I truly fond your writing excellent, and your information priceless. I am in a lot of pain every day and take no pain killers, I work hard because I refuse to get on disability. but that is no excuse. what I question is the statement we should all get our mouths involved as much as possible in sex. Well yes and no. when fellatio takes over your sex life, should it? And how much and how often should be up to the individual. I was shocked when Dr. Drew stood up for a woman with just this problem. so that is all I am saying, we should stand up for other peoples rights if women have any in bed at all. boundary issues are never covered on any sex site, even the ones run by women. xo Jane is a perfect example, we should all carry sex toys with us and use them to relieve men of the burden of our orgasms, and she wrote an article how it is ok with us all of us that we should all not mind men not having penetrative sex with us, what about the women who orgasm vaginally? yikes! Just read a few articles from the good men`s project, you will see what I mean. You should write for them, they could sure use your help. So over all I think your site is great and intend to refer, and have referred many to it. but could you please write an article on sexual boundary issues promoting the support for sexual differences and various reasons of support for various needs, why its ok to like or hate anal sex etc., etc,. thanks great work.

    1. I believe that God never intended for us to go to the “city sewer” to get our selfish pleasures satisfied when “the gates of heaven” are so close and easily available, provided their is willing participation on the part of each individual without any duress or forcing.

  7. Hi Susan and thank you for all of what you teach us. This is a great article and will help me to be a better lover for my sweet loving wife. I agree with you and Tashina about not using a machine. The human touch bonds us and machines are so cold with no human energy. The hands, fingers tongues and mouths are the best between lovers.

    1. yo, dude thank you so very , very very, much on validating me! I can`t Thank you enough!!!!!!!!!your wife is one lucky woman, THANKS!!!!!! From many women globally, THANKS! Scott you are awesome, really. Now as for women having orgasm’s differently from each other. Finally on Dr. drew they had a show on only some women orgasm from vaginal penetration only, to be accurate, one third only orgasm this way. I am not in the one third of this, some guy can ride me for half an hour and I will never get off. And both Dr. Drew and his associate agreed that both the G-spot and vaginal orgasms are only for a third of the population. Not the rest of us, how I get tired of women who state, I get off this way, so should you. THIS sex site and all others has no rite to say this is how I like it, so should you,(not that you are stating this out right, but…..) And for the record , fellatio is for the dominance first, the visual second and the sexual pleasure third, and a man does not have to do anything back last. If you get a chemical snap high as a woman in performing fellatio, go for it. But do you have the right to state all of us should feel this way? For sure this is a rape based culture And dominance is the foundation for that, and you will have make compromises in sex to please your partner. Oral for women is performed as a generosity only, fellatio, as a dominance only, men can orgasm in a woman`s vagina in 2 minutes average, I have left 5 men because fellatio took over my sex life, according to many women on all other sex sites, I should have not rights, none what so ever. we should all get out mouth`s involved in sex, no boundary issues should be involved. I beg to differ, I am not a dominate personality, I am not a submissive personality either, Dr. Drew just had a show on this and he and his associate took the side of the woman. IT WAS SUCH A SHOCK!!! I do not get an endorphin high from being in a submissive position as many women do, they feel they are in control. they are not. As many women who are chained to a radiator with a broom shoved up them somewhere, they feel they are in control. I do not get the same high from this many other women do. nothing wrong if you do, and nothing wrong if you don`t. Or that is how it should be. But it is not. Women who orgasm vaginally have the right to feel differently than women who don`t. Currently I am in a disagreement with xo-Jane on this, as she is convinced all women should orgasm through sex toys only, because it is the only way she comes. Not true. You are the guy some girl is lucky to blow, because you are so involved in your wife`s orgasms. But it is far and few between for the rest of us!!! your wife is lucky. But for the rest of us,, not so much. here are a few tips to encourage your very lucky wife`s orgasms. If you spread the pussy lips apart, with your or her hands it will move the hood away from the clit giving it more direct feeling. half the work in half the time, an old lesbian trick, and if you massage the buttocks in a woman it will engorge the body with blood, just like before orgasm, but you are beating nature to the punch, easy and fun!! and she can do the same to you. only she can add the massage of the prostate, just an inch to an inch and a half, below the testes, before the anus, s/he finds the dimple in the middle below the penis and before anus , and gently, massage, clockwise, and then the testes, and then the penis. Fun for every one. And here is a Tantric trick for both sexes. In the triangle of the tail bone, there are 16 diblets of acupressure points. They increase and intensify orgasm in both sexes, you can root around by hand to find the individual points, massage clockwise, they can also be licked and sucked, or get both wrists together and push straight down to hit all 16, works well for both sexes. The cat cow is a sex yoga posture to increase the intensity of orgasm for both sexes, but works well for women especially, for women , get on all fours, your hands and legs/knees on the floor, on all fours, breath in, tilt your head and rump up at the same time, this is cow, then breath out, and arch your back like a cat in anger, head down, rump down, exhale, repeat, takes about five minutes, opens the base chakra, you will feel horny!, it will intensify female orgasm greatly. easy to do , takes five minutes, to increase orgasm in men you can get warm moist towel to wrap around the penis, then massage the tailbone acupressure points, and then the testes, buttocks and penis,, add and subtract anything oral and manual, physical you personally would like to this, and if and when you can for men, in fellatio, manual or a sexual position of your choice, give the testes a slight tug, just before orgasm, it will increase male orgasm. And give me a minute and I will look up a couple of breathing exorcises etc., for your wife, to breath into her scars, etc. I too have vaginal scars , but not from child birth. And I am an old massage therapist, with some shamanic training. And if you want to further your sexual pleasure, you can use pheromone based lube, called, Tantra based lube, at most adult book stores, or on Amazon. And if you want, you can further your sexual intensity if you use a flower essence called spice bush, it intensifies all feeling on skin to where it is applied. Bought on or some, but not many metaphysical book stores. And for more love and compassion between you, use rose quartz, and ruby. apply on heart clockwise, just before sex, for both. Brings in more love and harmony. Bone Appetite, ya` all, peace out Tashina.

      1. Hi Tashina,

        As a middle aged woman, I am a very Yang person in the way I deal with the outside world. I grew up with a misogynistic father who was also an authoritarian dictator. So I abhor men who think they own me or have the right to tell me how to live my life. HOWEVER, I will say this: my husband is the best odd mix of being tough/strong and not the least bit macho or dominate over me. I love him for it. I trust him because of it. We have been together for almost 20 years, and even before it was something people were talking about, he always asked me if it was ‘OK’ if he did this or that to my body. He never demanded I do anything sexually, shamed me if I did not do things right, nor made any sort of tit for tat kind of demands or gestures. Given his level of respect and the trust I have for him (and believe me, I find this oddly out of character for me), I like being submissive to him sometimes. It lets me live out a fantasy of not having to scratch and claw my way through society to get basic respect in our disgustingly patriarchal society. I know he will not abuse the trust I give him in a dominate role. It’s taken me years to understand why I am OK with this. But now I embrace it. It’s my reward for finding the only tough, non-macho guy on the planet. LOL. That is why I like it. Again, I would not want our sex life to be exclusively that, but from time to time or as a few moments of a long sex session, it’ really turns me on that he loves me enough to be 100% in control and never abuse it.

        I get why you think it’s not OK–TOTALLY get it. If not for my husband’s difficult upbringing, he would not be this odd mix of extremes. He is a unicorn, but I love him more for it.

  8. Hey Susan

    Well thanks for this hun, what a disaster!
    tried this with my lady and the bed was totally saturated; she could not stop spurting; came three times and hotel bed a mess!!

    So thanks LOL
    She adores what I do and i am really enjoying the after effects too


    1. Hot hotel sex. That’s so awesome, Colin. Proud of you for learning how to get your lady off so well. And proud of her for letting it all go!

      1. Somewhere — here? — I read about the etiquette of squirting in hotels. If you make a mess, strip the beds and leave the sheets in a pile — the housekeepers will get the message.
        Since I started squirting, I bought a waterproof sheet that I travel with — but I have the advantage of being within driving distance to our usual destinations, so I don’t have to fit the sheet into a suitcase. We also of course use it at home — although sometimes I wish I had two, in case one was still in the laundry!

        1. You can get a waterproof crib pad very inexpensively at Target and other stores. It’s small and packable.

      1. Dear Susan, you have researched so well. I am proud of you. It helps millions of people. Yet, I may say that you should be willing to speak over phone. there is sea of info with experienced men like me. I would like to tell you on what is the most essential ingredient for ‘O”. It has been missing in all your and your 3 colleagues blogs/ articles. I am not trying to be secretive. Actually it needs lot of space and time to write. Talking on phone, yes, we can perhaps cover it in a few minutes. If willing, call on +91 9884067671.

  9. Hello Susan,

    Do you think that a pussy pump could also help to achieve a full engorgement of those erectile tissues?

    Have you any recommandations regarding these pussy pumps?

    What is your opinion/experience on these products?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ivan,
      I am familiar with these pussy pumps – can be used on nipples and penises too. Yes, the vacuum suction does create engorgement. But I would only consider a pump as an additional fun experience, rather than the gold standard of engorgement through massaging, kneading, suckling, stroking, rubbing, tapping…
      Fingers and tongues and loving patience will do better than any machine ever could.
      That being said, if she’s open to you hooking her up to a machine, I’d still lay in a foundation of manual engorgement (engorge her with your hands).

      1. I am also into shamanism and an ex massage therapist, I have been promoting yoni massage over pussy pumps, I just wrote a little blurb for lemon drop, didn`t get published. although I love Ian Kerner. the human touch bonds and connects through living tissue, and shows you care, the pussy pump is cold, inhuman, and being made of plastic blocks the flow of human energies, and chakra connection. nothing compares to the human touch. physically, mentally or spiritually.

  10. Nice I m form India ..i really Surprise ur Deep Knowledge .
    Thanks for that
    Now I rally eager to do all this things ..Is any one from India

    1. Thanks, Sachin. We have MANY members from India. We are a global company of friends. Welcome!

  11. i really like the pic its more of a way of showing us really were to hit the right spot or where to lick the righ spot thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. You will need to “awaken” her vestibular bulbs by touching them and kneading them lightly at first. Build up over time to more sensation and she begins to ask for more.

      1. All the email tips are fantastic there should be a place where you could find women in Sydney to practice these on and come together to caress and massage each other and put these skills to practice πŸ™‚

      2. I looking for a woman in my life .

        I am from Ghana,
        I am looking for woman from Australia/USA
        Could you please find me a one?

      3. Thank you SUSU FOR YOUR sex education i am really motivated and enjoying great sex following your guidelines.thanks hugs and kisses.

  12. This advice about stroking the vestibular bulbs, I did not know before,
    thanks for letting me know!!

      1. Hi Mohammed,

        Newsletter subscribers get a lot more photos. If you like what you see I’d recommend signing up for our newsletter.

        Thanks for liking our site!

    1. Hi Abdul,

      Newsletter subscribers get a lot more photos. If you like what you see I’d recommend signing up for our newsletter.

      Thanks for liking our site!

  13. Thanks for the info,, I sometimes need to be reminded of some techniques after a dry spell of sexual activity.. Also thanks for the tips I didn’t know.. Peace

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