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Which Lube Goes Where?

We get a lot of questions about what lube to use where and there are a few things to consider when selecting lubes.

I suggest you have a selection from which to choose depending on what you’re doing.

There’s been an explosion in sexual lubrication innovation over the last 5 years.  This is good news and bad.

There are now thousands of mind-boggling choices but many of them are filled with noxious chemicals that women do not want to pour onto their delicate parts.

Categorically you can use silicone, oil or water-based sexual lubricants.

Remember: Oil breaks down LATEX condoms. 10% of people have a known allergy to latex anyway. Latex are the cheapest but most allergenic. I say, why risk it! Get polyurethane condoms instead.

I recommend polyurethane condoms with organic avocado oil for intercourse. Why? The condoms are hypoallergenic, protect you against STD’s and you can use a natural oil, like avocado or sweet almond oil and it won’t degrade the material. If you use a good oil, you can eat it right off of her and it will be chemical free.

Condoms made from AT-10, polyurethane, and lambskin (animal intestines) are compatible with oil-based lubricants, but polyisoprene (a latex that allegedly has the allergens removed) condoms are only compatible with water and silicone lubes. Lambskin and other natural animal products will not protect you from STD’s.

If you’re sexually active, you have a 50% chance of contracting an STD. It’s best to have sex with people who are getting regular STD tests. Here are the STD Tests I recommend you get if you are sleeping with more than one fluid-bonded or tested partner.

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If you’re doing Expanded Orgasm stroking she might prefer one type of lube on her clitoris with a different lube inside for G-Area stroking. For intercourse a different lube might feel better. During different times of the month one lube might feel better over another. And as a woman matures sexually, her tastes in lube might also change.

I’d suggest you lay in 3 different lubricants as follows:

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A silicone lubricant excellent for additional slipperiness when needed. This is what you’d use for anal play. Not optimal for vaginal tissue.

Look for unscented organic, paraben-free, glycerin-free and organic formulations. Choose lubes with the least number of chemicals that are as natural as possible. Carrageenan is a food-grade seaweed extract used to thicken ice cream that is also found in many high-quality lubricants.

Do your best to lower your chemical load. Stick with natural, edible oils — the kind you could make salad dressing with. Organic avocado and sweet almond oil are all I use 90% of the time for lovemaking.

Experiment and see what feels good in various situations.

48 Responses

  1. We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your
    web page again.

  2. Which oil would be best for massage “inside”, like the g-spot? Wife easily gets UTI’s and Yeast infections.
    I am concerned about any oil that might be sweet, which would indicate it has natural sugars.

    I’m having difficulty locating Avocado Oil. Would Grape-Seed oil be okay for inside g-spot massage?

  3. Hi Susan,

    I have tried to do sex with my girlfriend but there is no response from her side.
    Is there any Solution for this? So that She will be ready for intercourse soon


  4. I have discovered that Sodium Alginate (a seaweed based food additive used in ice cream and other foods) is an ideal nuru gel and all round lubricant. It also stays nice and slippery at room temperatures. It comes as a white powder. Just mix the 1 teaspoon of powder with a cup of warm/hot water. Shake or better yet mix with a hand blender. If in a container exposed to sunlight, the mixture will become watery after a few days, seems to last longer in a dark container. Make sure you buy the food grade stuff! Enjoy!

  5. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying this info.

  6. My girlfriend and I have lost track of how many lubes we tried. Six months ago the owner of a great adult store brought in “Wildfire” and suggested we try that. We did and it is the absolute best for a lube and a massage oil, and the two of us like the taste. Not cheap, but we’
    re worth it.

  7. There are so many type of the lubricants available in the market but my favorite is the organic Lubricants specially olive oil or coconut oil.

  8. we love olive oil, we start out with a massage first but we will try avocado oil next because olive oil seems to get to hard to wash off. Good news is you can always make pizza or salads with it =)

  9. I haven’t tried the Avocado/Coconut oil yet! I’d love to!

    While I agree that the Swiss Navy silicone is an OK lube to use, the water based version by the same brand is like shoving pins and needles up there! The silicone isn’t too bad, but I prefer a thicker lube like Pjur or Gun Oil even. However, the redeeming feature is the pump nozzle!

    Well thought out article though 🙂 Keep it up!

  10. I use Sylk premium personal lubricant. It’s water based, paraben free, has no taste and feels awesome. It’s especially good for sensitive skin. plus I find it actually promotes my own wetness.

    1. Hi, that is because Sylk is made from the pulp in the stems of the kiwifruit vine. In its raw form is it incredibly slippery.

  11. I’d like to get a lube to use for hand jobs on my husband that will last long, is edible which can be combined with oral sex and is easy to wash off. Could you suggest a couple of different types?

  12. Is Almond oil safe to use as a lubricant? My husband and I don’t use condoms, and are experimenting with different lubes, since we have found that KY seems to give me thrush.
    I know that almond oil is great for the skin, so can it be safely used as a lubricant?

    1. Almond can safely be used. But I prefer avocado oil for a sexual lubricant. Try small batches of both and see which you prefer. (If KY is giving you thrush, I would not recommend coconut as it can be a little “sweet.”)

    1. A silicon-based lube combined with high quality non-latex based (polypropylene) condoms is the best combination.

  13. Thank you for showing us practically some position which have helped us enjoy sex. please give me more this has done magic in my marriage.

  14. My girlfriend has very sensitive skin. Even when it comes to sexual activities like a hand job, she can’t use lotions because most of them have aloe, which causes her burning and she’ll break out with any prolong exposure.

    I can’t touch her anywhere around her vagina for too long, because I have to basically do it dry or with a little saliva and that quickly begins to feel raw to her. I enjoy licking her clit, but she doesn’t let me, and I feel it’s for similar reasons.

    We are very sexually excited with each other, but we just can’t act on our excitement very well.

    Until we can find a lubricant that is safe and comfortable for her, intimacy is difficult and intercourse is out of the picture. I have no idea what lubricant to purchase to help us.

    1. Hi Joe,
      Try an organic oil your girlfriend can eat in a salad dressing. If she can ingest it, perhaps it won’t irritate her?
      I prefer organic avocado oil, but grapeseed and coconut are good options too.
      Get a small amount at your local organic grocer and try it out.
      Let us know how it goes.

  15. Thanks for the info. I was going to buy some lube and asked her what kind she used.

    She said “none”. But I think that is just for masturbating. But for anal she says she is tight, take it easy. So I will get the three types recommended.

  16. Thanks for the information! I have one more question, how about almond oil? My girlfriend loves the smell and would want to use it if it is safe to.

  17. Help…we need a lube that won’t leave a sticky feeling or my wife won’t make love and at her age (and mine)that lube is almost always a must

  18. Sloane, I have a question: is it normal to get a vaginal infection or have swolen glands & discharge EVERY TIME you have sex? My wife has this every month! We can never get on a roll because of it. I always have to wait a month before we go again, & then she is reluctant to engage it, complicating the situation even more! I’m very frustrated & horny.

    1. Hi Jeffrey,
      It is not at all normal to have a recurring vaginal infection with discharge of that severity. Please take your wife to a gynecologist. The swollen glands are particularly worrisome. Make sure you mention that. She could have a severely compromised immune system.

      1. The guy may also need to be checked for a silent UTI. He can easily carry one without ever knowing, which would cause her to get an infection every time they have sex.

        This may not be what is happening, but it’s quite possible.

        For her, she may want to consider a diet high in fermented foods. Kefir (homemade or store-bought, but I prefer the home-made), fermented veggies (often labeled Kimchi online, but you can make them out of virtually anything with just about any spices you want for flavor), etc.

        She may also want to completely cut out products containing Splenda or Sucralose (same thing).

        These dietary changes will allow her system to completely change the intestinal bacteria populations inside her gut in a way that will radically improve her immune system and propensity for vaginal infection.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Grape Seed Oil is an excellent organic lubricant as well and if you get food grade oil, it’s edible too.
      Good work!

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Yes, organic, food grade avocado and coconut oil are safe for both Yoni massage and intercourse. Some women have the experience that coconut oil is a little too “sweet” for their system and prefer to use it only outside the Yoni. All reports about avocado are 100% positive.
      Each woman is unique. Try both. If one doesn’t work, or she likes the texture of one over the other, you can always make salad dressing.

      1. Hi Susan this is not a dating site but I can’t help but say you are very beautiful, I have a small referral list of women who come to me for specific erotic massage and all are hooked on CO. Just the texture from the massage in the beginning raises their erotica and to be able to use it internally as well is the bonus. They leave feeling pleasured and soft and smooth a win all round

      1. I’ve used both. They are both excellent. I prefer Sweet Almond to Grape Seed. Here is an organic sweet almond that feels wonderful on the genitals.

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