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Which Lube Goes Where?

Which Lube Goes Where?

We get a lot of questions about what lube to use where and there are a few things to consider when selecting lubes.

I suggest you have a selection from which to choose depending on what you’re doing.

There’s been an explosion in sexual lubrication innovation over the last 5 years.  This is good news and bad.

There are now thousands of mind-boggling choices but many of them are filled with noxious chemicals that women do not want to pour onto their delicate parts.

Categorically you can use silicone, oil or water-based sexual lubricants.

Remember: Oil breaks down LATEX condoms. 10% of people have a known allergy to latex anyway. Latex are the cheapest but most allergenic. I say, why risk it! Get polyurethane condoms instead.

I recommend polyurethane condoms with organic avocado oil for intercourse. Why? The condoms are hypoallergenic, protect you against STD’s and you can use a natural oil, like avocado or coconut and it won’t degrade the material. If you use a good oil, you can eat it right off of her and it will be chemical free.

Condoms made from AT-10, polyurethane, and lambskin (animal intestines) are compatible with oil-based lubricants, but polyisoprene (a latex that allegedly has the allergens removed) condoms are only compatible with water and silicone lubes. Lambskin and other natural animal products will not protect you from STD’s.

If you’re sexually active, you have a 50% chance of contracting an STD. It’s best to have sex with people who are getting regular STD tests. Here are the STD Tests I recommend you get if you are sleeping with more than one fluid-bonded or tested partner.

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If you’re doing Expanded Orgasm stroking she might prefer one type of lube on her clitoris with a different lube inside for G-Area stroking. For intercourse a different lube might feel better. During different times of the month one lube might feel better over another. And as a woman matures sexually, her tastes in lube might also change.

I’d suggest you lay in 3 different lubricants as follows:

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A silicone lubricant excellent for additional slipperiness when needed. This is what you’d use for anal play. Not optimal for vaginal tissue.

Look for unscented organic, paraben-free, glycerin-free and organic formulations. Choose lubes with the least number of chemicals that are as natural as possible. Carrageenan is a food-grade seaweed extract used to thicken ice cream that is also found in many high-quality lubricants.

Do your best to lower your chemical load. Stick with natural, edible oils — the kind you could make salad dressing with. Organic avocado and coconut oil are all I use 90% of the time for lovemaking.

Experiment and see what feels good in various situations.

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