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Some Women Are Wired More For Vaginal Orgasms Than Others And Vice Versa

News Flash: There’s growing evidence that some women are neurally wired more for vaginal orgasms, others more for clitoral orgasms. As well, some women have more orgasmic sensation than others in their perineal area which is between the walls of the rectum and vagina.

If you’ve ever wondered why the same technique gets different results on a variety of your lovers, now you know one factor. The nerve wiring on women is as unique as a snowflake. These physical variations of the pelvic nerve vary widely from woman to woman, unlike men whose dorsal penile nerve is more similar.

The most fascinating section of

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, talks about how nerve compression from a back injury led her to seek medical help. She had been orgasmically active her whole adult life and found that her orgasms continued to evolve and get even more sensational. But her joy from sex, the creative energy and sense of vitality after sex began to diminish when her spinal problem became worse.

She sought a gynecologist with a speciality in pelvic nerve disorders, such as vulvodynia. She had back surgery and lucky for her, her emotional happiness from intercourse returned because the nerve pathway from her pudendal nerve to her brain was no longer being blocked.

Pudendal Nerve Damage Can Cause Loss of Genital Sensation and Emotion

Female Pudendal Nerve

The key take away from this news is that you may have untapped areas of your genitalia that could be providing the most wonderful sensations for you based on how you are wired. If you struggle to have one kind of orgasm or another, take heart. It may be your wiring!

That being said, it’s extremely important to become fully engorged before having sex. It’s easy to tell when a man is engorged, because his penis is erect. A woman’s erectile tissue is throughout her genitals. To focus only on her clitoris is to leave 99% of her sensation and orgasmic potential untapped. Make sure her vulva is puffy and fully engorged for maximum pleasure and sensation. She has erectile tissue throughout her vestibular bulbs, inner and out labia, mons venus and up inside where her perineal sponge and urethral sponges are located. Stroke all over, including the insides of her thighs, her belly and her sweet little cheeks and the more fluffy and puffy you make it, the more pleasure she’ll likely feel. Even her clitoris can become erect as it’s a shaft, like the shaft of a man’s penis in miniature.

Here are some Insider’s Club Member’s Only Links to pictures and more information about where these areas are and how best to stroke them for increased sensation.

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Sloane Fox

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31 Responses

  1. I was 13 when I had a ovarian cyst removed. At that age I did not know anything about orgasms. After having 3 kids and 2 home deliveries, I knew when that my perinium was allowed to tear when I had my first child in the hospital, my doctor could care less. The doctor said to others, if the woman does not want an episiotomy I will just let her tear. Well he did. He did not give the litocaine a chance to take, and started sewing up my perineum. I guess he loved to watch women hurt. He would not allow me a donut to sit on after the birth. I think with that and abdominal surgery, I was doomed in having a vaginal orgasm. I saw a PBS documentary on women who had great sex lives until that had abdominal surgery. It screwed up all the nerves directly associated with an orgasm. I wish doctors recognized this issue. Instead of using the knife without considering what happens as a result.

    1. Hi Barb,
      Your story is heart breaking and downright infuriating as a woman.

      I’m sorry you’ve had to experience so many traumas. But this is very typical for so many women. And you CAN overcome this painful past and go on to live a happy, orgasmic life.

      First, understand that your doctor was a creep. And you just have to forget about him and let the bitterness go because it will eat away at you. Feel sorry for him for being such a horrible man and then poof, make him disappear from your mind.

      If you have poorly healed and scarred perineal tissue you can have that tissue removed and re-sutured. A lot of women who have episiotomies end up having fistulas – dry, painful sockets or holes – and the surgical remedy of cutting out that tissue and re-suturing it works very, very well. So if you have pain, go see a obstetric and gynecological surgeon for an evaluation.

      Secondly, the nerves are only part of the feeling of the orgasm. And nerves regrow unless they are completely severed, so you can get feeling back with vulva massage. If you have a partner, get them to rub your vulva as many nights a week as possible for quite a few months and you will get sensation back. Use organic oil like coconut or grapeseed — any oil you’d ingest is fine for your vagina. Tell your partner where the numbness and pain are and have them manipulate the tissue until it regains sensation. Use good communication. You can also do this massage yourself nightly.

      Finally, your clitoral structure is large — the clit, shaft, legs and bulbs are all erectile tissue that helps you orgasm. You can stroke the inside roof of your vagina as you stroke your clitoris to help yourself orgasm. You may want to put a vibrator or dildo inside your vagina as you press on your outer labia, stroke your inner labia and stimulate your clitoris until you get a clit hard-on. All of this will connect the nerves to your brain so you can have vaginal orgasms.

      Give this a try for 90 days and report back, will you?

      Remember, every time you get upset about the past, switch your thoughts to what you’re doing to heal and love yourself now.


  2. Hi there please I need to know the Info. you said to make the women turn on what word to used what to say?

  3. The letters from the men are so mind blowing to me. I have never been with a man who had any concern that I was enjoying the sex too. I have always felt that I was on my own. Thank you all for posting.

  4. Ҭhiѕ is a great tip particularly to thߋѕe new tto the blogosphere.
    Simƿle but verry precise information…Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  5. it is different with certain ladies when they do have orgasms especially when they have no uterus or overors and when they have had some of there nerve endings lost because of complications of having a child and having no feeling like most ladies when they have sex it is a learning curve for me to find what my wife enjoys so i cant really say what a real women should feel because my wife was torn on her Virginia and has scares on her bulbs and her canal as well. So i cant relate to much as to what every person goes threw that is normal in any way. But i have found some things that do work and for most some things dont work for my wife in her orgasms. The diagram that shows all those nerve endings for my wife there is alot that is lost for her and it is a challenge for me any way to give her pleasures because there is a lot missing for her as the diagram Shows but i have learned some things to help her get Orgasms its more of a challenge for me but i am making head way to some degree.
    So in most cases what a person can find for a typical lady will not be found for a lady who has been scared physically and then mentally there are big hurdles for a women to go threw on such a journey as my wife for most of what people teach it doesn’t work for my wife but some things do. It is still a good education to know this but i cant for most rely on that info because it or she doesn’t have most of those nerve ending like a normal women. i have to transfer her feeling in different ways on touches as well as Mental but this does help me in some ways to try to do different things with her.

    1. I’m sorry your wife has sustained so much genital damage in child birth. They are ways to massage a lot of sensation back. Nerves can be healed. Damage can be soothed. Try an Expanded Orgasm practice, or at least a daily genital massage for healing her.

  6. This and similar material, which I have been studying since I became computer savvy, seems to be a complete explanation for the break up of my marriage some years ago. I realise that this is sensitive material, but the question remains ‘Why aren’t we told about this?’

  7. Umm…I tend to disagree with the notion that some women are wired for vaginal orgasms, while others may not be. Unless a woman is deformed, pretty much all women have the same wiring. The difference is their level of sexual consciousness of themselves, then of their lovers. The nerves in a clitoral orgasmic woman are the same as a vaginally orgasmic woman. But women who do not orgasm vaginally tend not to pursue a greater sexual consciousness. That comes through experimenting, and finding out what turns them on, and why. To experiment and grow in this area doesn’t require one to violate any moral, ethical, or religious convictions. But by reading and educating themselves, they will have knowledge of what to do. Unfortunately, people who are rather ignorant and stunted in their own sexuality, tend to scoff at others who seek to grow in this area.


  9. you wrote
    “Here are some Insider’s Club Member’s Only Links to pictures and more information about where these areas are and how best to stroke them for increased sensation.
    Note: This article has additional resources for members only.
    Please login or create a free membership to view this content.”
    i signed in and cannot find that additional information. where is it?

  10. I have been married over 40 years and have (almost) always experienced orgasms during intercourse alone. For my husband and I, it is normal for me to experience orgasm more than once during intercourse. I also orgasm through clitoral stimulation without penetration, as a precurser to intercouse. Thank you so much for this information. I have become increasingly aware that so many women struggle with achieving orgasm through intercourse, an experience I find so typical.

    1. You are a lucky woman and I appreciate you posting that you are multi-orgasmic. We need more sexually satisfied women to let others know it’s possible!

  11. I highly recommend Naomi Wolf’s book for men and women alike. The importance of information she has gathered here — not only for joy but for social justice — can not be over stated. About mid-way through the book I found myself imaging that Wolf’s “Vagina” a new biography” might do for women’s sexuality and how men interact with them what Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” did for the environmental movement!

  12. Thought that for years as my wife has vaginal orgasms but doesn’t like clitoral stimulation. thought it was in her strict religious upbringing but its really her anatomy.

  13. It’s good to know more about what you are involved in. Better knowledge and awareness increases possibilities. Not only is women wired physically but mentally as well.

  14. Well… What am I ta’ say? I duh know anything about giving a woman orgasms yet! I guess I’ll jes’ keep listening and learning.

    1. There are some AWESOME programs here, though these are more holisitic than directional. Try female Liquid orgasm, it is pretty good. If you want to talk about it more guy to guy, or need other suggestions, give us a buzz. Good luck

  15. I must thank you for the info, it will come in real handy for me and my wife.

    Once more, thank you.

    Do you think you could let us see a clearer picture of that “Female Pudendal Nerve” graphic? Maybe leaving that small one for the general public, but to anybody who especifically requests it (by clicking on it?) you could show a full sized picture?

    The reason I am asking you this is that, at leat on my screen, the words simply cannot be read.

    1. Hold the control key down on your keyboard & hit the + plus Key and reverse the size with the – minus key this will adjust the size of any picture or text.

    2. Victor, Don’t worry… Just kiss her while you touch her and you’ll find your way. The words won’t matter… 🙂

  16. Very interesting and informative too I think. There is no doubt if we take our time warming the lady up that the lips become very puffy inside and out and then the orgasms begin to start.

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