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Sloane Fox

Sloane Fox Hair Twist

“You can be HOT and MARRIED.

As Personal Life Media’s Sensual Ambassador, I seek men, women and couples who know they are in charge of their own sexual happiness and want to discover the skills that lead to  more intimacy and passion that just keeps getting better.

If you are new to my world, introductions are in order because you and I are going to get very intimate.

I seek men whoknow they are in charge of their own sexual happiness
I seek men who
know they are in charge of their own sexual happiness

I want to help you (re)discover your sexuality and have incredible, juicy sex with your lover, woman, wife, girlfriend or all of the above.

So I share my life as a way of inspiring you to pursue what turns you on.

I bring you the best of my personal stories, my sex workshop experiences, online courses I have taken, product reviews of stuff I dig, sexy news, sultry videos, silly stuff and best of all, my personal stories about the great sex I have, the crazy parties I go to, and the things I love about sex.

I bare it all and share it all with you.

If it’s OK, I’d like to email you all kinds of sex tips and techniques. You can always unsubscribe if my information isn’t right for your needs.

But I want you to know this:

– The quality and quantity of sex you have is DIRECTLY proportional to the education and skills you have.

– Everything I share is female-friendly, honest, ethical, never manipulative and is grounded in positive psychology.

– Our business is selling online adult sexual education programs and I will be giving you FREE audio, video, eBook and blog content that exposes you to our range of programs.

Just so we’re crystal clear and you always understand the foundation of our relationship.

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