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Is this squirt or pee? (Mailbag)

Is this squirt or pee? (Mailbag)


It’s one of the most unique experiences a woman can ever have.

And yes, all women can squirt. You just have to teach your body how. 

It’s been a while since my last squirting orgasm email. Good thing I received an email from a fan who’s got some questions.

Check it out.

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“I’ll try to make this as short and to the point as possible. 

So I’m having a great time sexually with my new partner. I’m relaxed and have incredible orgasms. The best yet. After a lifetime of no orgasm and years of gradual progress and personal growth, this is huge. There are times he’s fingering me, and it feels fantastic. 

Edging in on orgasm, he’ll comment on a “gush.” His hand is so soaked that I hear his fingers in the wetness. This happens when I’m generally stimulating myself to orgasm via clit while he’s pleasuring me. Sometimes I think I almost feel a release, but many feelings are taking place, like an immense blurred great feeling.

The liquid “gush of wetness” smells sweet. 

Recently, he said he felt the wetness squirt up his arm. I think I also felt a release. It was more fluid, and it soaked the bed sheet, but the smell was different.

More like urine-ish. Not the sweet-smelling liquid that was common. He was thrilled, but I was confused and self-conscious. 

After my first orgasm, he’ll want to stimulate me again. I’m more sensitive to stimulation internally, and it’s like an “I have to pee” feeling. He encourages me to relax and release myself. Sometimes I think I can almost feel liquid wanting to come out during sex or fingering, but now I’m afraid it’s pee and try to hold it if that makes sense.

Is it possible to pee during intercourse or fingering? 

Is it possible to simulate actual bladder release from stimulating the front wall of the vagina maybe too much? 

Is the squirt a urine-like substance? 

What’s the difference between the sweet-smelling wet gush and the more urine-smelling squirt? 

Are there different female ejaculate substances? 

I want to embrace and experience. Hoping you can offer a little insight and clarity to move forward comfortably, letting it go. Thanks.”

— Marianne (not her real name)


Dearest Marianne, 

First of all, I’m so glad you are making orgasmic progress. It sounds like your new lover is AMAZING and encouraging! 

I highly doubt what’s coming out is pee. 99% it’s your ejaculation. Do you have a fascinator or waterproof bed covering?

Get one so you can just relax. I like the liberator better because it’s soft and easy to wash. The waterproof mattress cover is suitable for stretching over the whole bed, but it takes a while for the plastic to dry, so it’s more of a pain in the butt maintenance-wise.

In the long run, the fascinator is easier.

Once you don’t have to worry about releasing, you’ll feel like you can squirt your heart out more quickly.

Secondly, the smell of your ejaculate is affected by the food and supplements you’re ingesting. B vitamins can make your squirt smell like pee a little. I notice my ejaculate mostly smells like fresh hay. I like the scent. But I also see odor changes throughout my cycles. Just let it all out. Your guy is enjoying it, so let yourself go. It’s not pee. Your body’s wisdom knows what to do. Remember, guys ejaculate and pee out of the same tube too — and he’s not worrying about peeing when he comes. The more you push out, the more you will enjoy the pleasure of ejaculating. Tallulah and I call it “birthing your orgasm.”

Tallulah created our program, Female Liquid Orgasm. I think you could benefit from watching the videos with your partner. There are some fingering moves in there that he could do that would be simply divine for you. 

I’d also recommend you get a wand and a G-Spot vibrator. I currently like the nJoy Pure Wand and the Kurve. 

And watch my video that comes with this ebook to see how to use the wand. I videotaped instructions because it doesn’t come with any, and it needs them!

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I hope that all answers your questions and gives you more ideas for your ejaculatory expansion.

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