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How To Make A Woman Squirt – ...

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Clitoral Stimulation And Erection

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Which Lube Goes Where?

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Vestibular Bulbs: How To Find And S...

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Playful Session With Your Sweetie?

Posted by on Apr 8, 2020 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ready for a playful session with your honey pie? You can do this in person, over the phone or online. Today I want to share one of the 21 Erotic Play Dates from Expand Her O Tonight that takes you both up the...

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Learn About The Mighty Voltamin! (FUNNY PIC)

Posted by on Mar 30, 2020 in Featured, Susan Bratton | 0 comments

Superhero’s favorite. You know a daily vitamin is the MOST important thing you can do to boost immunity. I can’t say you’ll dance as well as Spidey, Superman, Batman and Captain America when you take our new...

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How To Have A Calmness Practice

Posted by on Mar 30, 2020 in Featured, Susan Bratton | 1 comment

A quick calmness practice inside… It’s as simple as five long deep...

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine. (Joke inside.)

Posted by on Mar 26, 2020 in Susan Bratton | 0 comments

Did you hear? We’re calling the generation to be born in 9 months,...

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Do THIS To Increase Relationship Happiness Over Time

Posted by on Mar 17, 2020 in Susan Bratton | 0 comments

  “Being deliberate about improving our relationships can help most of...

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