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The Foreplay That Gives Her Orgasms From Intercourse

Most man/woman couples think about sex in three parts: foreplay, intercourse, and aftercare. 

For many, sex is the act of intercourse with just a few minutes of preparation. 

It’s understandable… intercourse is the “main event,” and many couples are tired, busy managing kids, and just trying to find a few moments to enjoy each other. 

The only problem is that because we tend to rush to intercourse, women aren’t getting the stimulation they need to have orgasms during intercourse. And when women don’t have orgasms during penetration, over time, they want less and less sex. 

Rushing intercourse is the most significant contributing factor to sexless marriages and divorce.

All Women Can Orgasm From Intercourse 

If the sex is good, couples can usually find a way around money problems and other issues. But when the woman is not satisfied, her body remembers. 

I always talk to women who say they’ve never had an orgasm from intercourse. They rationalize their sex life, thinking they are just the kind of woman who can’t orgasm from coitus. They say they are still happy with sex. They say it’s good enough and they don’t need orgasms from intercourse.

Many of them say they have orgasms from their vibrator, self-pleasuring, or from oral, and that’s good enough. But these are justifications required because these women hold limiting beliefs about their orgasmic capacity.

Penetration Orgasms Are A Learned Skill

Not having orgasms from intercourse is like eating only vanilla ice cream or seeing only in black and white. It’s like being semi-depressed physically. It’s like being used for someone else’s pleasure, not your own.

And the fact is that penetration orgasms are a learnable experience. All women can orgasm from penis-in-vagina lovemaking with the right environment and inputs. 

You don’t even need to touch the tip of the clitoris to have orgasms during intercourse because our internal clitoris is wrapped around the vagina. When there’s enough stimulation from the proper foreplay, penetration naturally makes us orgasm. 

Our bodies are built to orgasm in all kinds of ways. And for male/female couples, intercourse is considered the closest, most intimate way to share orgasmic bliss.

Figuring out how to achieve climax from penetration just takes seeing what’s missing in your approach.

If a couple is committed to the challenge, you’ll soon be experiencing a level of pleasure that feels like ecstasy. 

When a woman is turned on and wants you with enthusiasm, her vagina will pull you inside. As you slowly enter her, she can begin to orgasm.

Using different strokes in different tempos and depths and probing different locations within her vaginal pocket will trigger orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. When she becomes more confident in her ability to orgasm, she can use her lover’s penis to give herself orgasms. Just watching her use you for her pleasure is an achievement worth celebrating.

Since every woman is different, figuring out what she needs to “cross the ‘gasm chasm” or close the orgasm gap will take a few lovemaking dates. The orgasm gap is the delta between how easy it is for men to orgasm from intercourse and how much harder it is for women. 

Men’s most significant issue is coming too fast, while women struggle to come. But once you know that orgasms from intercourse – also called vaginal orgasms, penetration orgasms, PIV orgasms, or coital orgasms – are all just something the body can be trained to do, you let go of the limiting belief that she can’t.

She CAN!

10 Considerations To Help Her Climax From Intercourse

  1. Does she believe she can?
  2. Are you giving her at least 20-30 minutes of foreplay arousal, so her clitoris gets fully erect?
  3. Does she feel safe? Are you using contraceptives if required? Have you had the STI discussions/testing? Can she trust you will honor her boundaries?
  4. Is the environment conducive to her pleasure? Is the lighting, temperature, music, and privacy handled? Is the location to her satisfaction?
  5. Do you have a lubricant that she likes, and are you using it liberally as needed?
  6. Are you verbally encouraging her, telling her she’s beautiful to you, letting her know you love and appreciate her, and she turns you on?
  7. Have you made it effortless for her to give you feedback and tell you what she needs at every moment? 
  8. Are you emotionally connected to her? 
  9. Are you staying present with her? Can she feel your heart?
  10. Are you taking all the time in the world to slowly make love to her? 

For women, safety, emotional connection, and being slow and loving are the most vital aspects of creating an environment for her pleasure. But you can also load the dice in your favor by doing a few foreplay techniques that will give her a clitoral erection that feels so good when you’re inside her, her body will naturally achieve orgasm.

Ten Foreplay Steps To Penetration Orgasms

Her body takes about a half hour to get as erect as you do in just a minute or so, especially after you have

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! That is why foreplay is the single biggest key to her intercourse orgasms. Here are some of the best ways to give her a clitoral erection:

  1. Verbally tell her how sexy she is and give her specific details.
  2. Stroke her cheeks and kiss her forehead, neck, and upper chest. Softly stroke her hair from top to bottom and cup her chin in your hand. Look into her eyes and tell her what you love about her beautiful face.
  3. Kiss her lips lightly. Breathe her in.
  4. Slowly begin kissing her more deeply and using your tongue. Kissing stimulates her clitoral erection and floods her genitals with blood.
  5. Stroke her body from the shoulders down the arms, from the neck down her back, from her knees to her groin, from her belly to her mons. 
  6. Begin to stroke her breasts but wait for a while to tenderly touch her nipples. When you do, don’t squeeze them hard right away… gently wipe across them. You are awakening her whole body at this point. Blood will be rushing to her pelvis and beginning to engorge her clitoral erectile tissue from the inside because the nipples are connected to the clitoris via her nervous system. 
  7. Offer her a Yoni Massage. Yoni is a sacred word for her whole female genital system. Becoming good at Yoni massage takes practice. Discover the steps to orgasmic Yoni massage. As you rub and stroke her mons, labia, clitoral hood, vestibule, and clitoral shaft and tip, her tissues will start swelling. This is her clitoral erection! You’re making significant progress in getting her fully engorged or filled with the blood needed for her to orgasm from intercourse.
  8. Go down on her with oral pleasuring. Give her a few oralgasms to get her orgasmic contractions started. 
  9. If she’s willing, use one of her favorite toys on her to give her a couple of pre-penetration orgasms. The vibrations will continue to engorge her genitals to make it easier for her to come from penetration. My favorite for easy vibrator orgasms before intercourse is from either the
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  10. When you enter her, go very, very slowly. Use my Thrust In Time penetration technique which helps 9 out of 10 women achieve their first penetration orgasms.

Continue to work on your intercourse skills. There are many orgasmic intercourse techniques you can learn, including Penis Pivots, Glissando, Heart Tongue, and Ravishing Her. 

She can learn Squatting Tiger, Bouncing Lion, and the Feline Grind. You can both up your sensual talk game. Within no time, she will be coming like crazy from your penis inside her and wondering why she ever doubted her abilities. Her sexual self-confidence soars. And she will be scheduling you for sex dates.

You can find all these techniques in this article titled “Making Whoopee.”


Sex is a series of learned skills. The more you learn, the better you get. The better you get, the more you have. The more you have, the more satisfying sex becomes. Good luck! Have fun! Let me know your stories. 

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