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Orgasmic Intercourse: “Silver Bullet Sex Position”

Want to create some exclamation points in your sex life.

I’m headed out for a workout at the beach this morning. But before I spend a fun day in the sun, I just counted up as many of my free sex technique PDFs as I could think of and got to 38. 

I surely missed a few. And didn’t count the 200+ sex techniques videos on I give away for free. 

Or the thousands of articles I’ve written on subjects such as Making Whoopee 3.0 which describes orgasmic intercourse techniques, Come With Me on how to experience for yourself the 20 kinds of orgasms the male and female body can have, and the newest jewel in my crown: Sex Life Bucket List.

In case you missed it, there’s a new guided video visualization for the Sex Life Bucket List assessment where I take you through the entire list of 48 kinds of fun sexy ideas so you know what each of them is. When you go to you get a downloadable worksheet and the video that guides you through. This is fun to do as a single so you know what kinds of experiences you’d like to offer to your next lover. And it’s even more fun if you’re partnered and you both fill out the worksheet. Then you can compare your top 10 sexy desires with your lover and start checking them off.

I am dying to know what the top three things on your Sex Life Bucket List are. Email me back if you’re willing to share. I’m keeping a running tally in my head about the top desires of my fans.

And though I am super proud of the Sex Life Bucket List exercise, the technique about which I have gotten the highest volume of the most ecstatic thank you’s so far is Thrust In Time.


I was on a podcast yesterday called, From The Ashes sharing Tim and my story of almost losing our marriage because we didn’t know how to have orgasmic lovemaking experiences together… And how easy it was to fall in love all over again once we learned a few simple techniques for me to have orgasms from intercourse… And how orgasms are simply a learned skill like all sex is. 

Listen here ⇓

The world needs to understand that we can figure out how to make babies with no instruction, but lovemaking is a learned skill. So many women think they can’t orgasm from intercourse. That it’s them. Their partner believes that too.

How wrong they are! 

Lovers just need skills to know how to get into that orgasmic body state together and it’s such a total life, love, and sexual game-changer.

When Marc, the host of the show heard about my Thrust In Time technique, he called it the “Silver Bullet Sex Position.” I liked that phrase. It’s more than a position, of course. It’s a thrusting technique I updated from an ancient Taoist practice to a 21st Century sex technique. 

I designed it as a solution to the two biggest issues couples have: he wants more stamina, and she wants to easily have orgasms from intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation — to be able to climax simply from his penis in her vagina. 

This is possible, doable, and learnable by EVERYONE.

The Thrust In Time technique accomplishes penetration orgasms in a way that helps him last longer and gives her the kind of stimulation her nervous system needs to achieve climax after climax. It’s fricking genius! 

I guess that’s why the thank you emails and DM’s I get from Thrust In Time users have so many exclamation points on them!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺️

So if you want to create some exclamation points in your sex life, try this really delicious intercourse technique. And let me know how it goes for you.

Susan On The Rocks

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