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7 Ways to Increase Clitoral Sensation and Pleasure

We are genuinely sexually-ravenous creatures. 

It’s in our nature to crave the experience and pleasure of making love. 

And when we suppress our desires and cravings, they grow even louder. 

Just like a fan of mine felt, she “missed out” on a lot of sexual pleasure when she was married. Now she’s free and ready to have an adventure… and then some. 

Check out her email and my responses in the full article. 


“Hello, Susan. Thank you so much for all you do and stand for in your sexual knowledge and insight.

Here’s my situation. I am recently divorced with no children and now in my mid-50s, still attractive with a sexy body just like you, if I may compliment you.

My single life now gives me the “Me time” to explore and experiment with all the ways to masturbate and bring myself to orgasm. I am learning to use the edging technique to make my orgasms even more intense as I search for the ultimate body-bucking, convulsing, and explosive orgasms possible. 

I missed out on many sexual pleasures because I was married to a close-minded husband, so I had enough, and now I am single to do as I want. What do you think about clit piercings to help make my pussy more sensitive and my orgasms more intense?

What about sex toys? Would they work for me? 

I do sometimes miss the feeling of cum shooting in my pussy. 

Also, my best friend Lisa has suggested we give each other a sexual massage to see what it’s like for two women to secretly and privately orgasm together. Lisa and I are both straight, but I am thinking of trying it. I still consider myself a straight heterosexual woman, though. I hope you have a little time to answer my questions, and thanks again for your time and insight.”

— Alyssa (not her real name) 


Hi Alyssa,

I would not recommend a clit piercing. It damages the tissue. It can get infected. It’s permanent, and it can get in the way.

1. I’d recommend taking FLOW, the nitric oxide booster, which will increase your clitoral sensation. 

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2. I’d consider getting an O Shot, which will increase your clitoral sensation.

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I’ve now had 7 O Shots, and my clitoris is amazingly sensitive and super meaty.

3. You can also use a vulva and clitoral pump to expand your tissue and improve orgasmic intensity.

Click Here To Read My Article ⇐ What Is A Vulva Pump? 

4. And I think you might like some of these G-Spot toys to help yourself squirt. 

Download My G-Spot Toys Guide For FREE ⇐ Get Ready To Get Wet 

You can get your girlfriend to use the toys on you too.

5. And here is my program, Female Liquid Orgasm, which will teach you about fingering, toys, and positions to encourage your ejaculate to come out.

Click Here For Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Squirt Your Heart Out With Tallulah’s Guidance 

6. I also LOVE this Womanizer Duo, a clitoral air stimulator with a G-Spot vibrator combined. It gives me the most intense orgasms! 

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⇐ Combining Clitoral Suction And G-Spot  Vibration 

7. I also LOVE this Kurve G-Spot dildo. It has a treble and bass vibrator and a very soft tip great for stimulation of the G-Spot. I like to put this inside me while I use the TangoX bullet vibe on my clit at the same time. 

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Let me know what you decide to do and what you like best. Just don’t give up! Everything you’re struggling with now can be remediated! Stand strong for your sexuality.

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