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The Spreading Breath Playdate (Passion Playdates #10)

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play. You plan for (and look forward to) sensual “private” activities where you come together as beginners to learn new things.

Think of Passion Playdates as fun “couples sexercises” that grow and enrich your intimacy — physical and emotional.

This is hot monogamy at its best, and it’s also great for singles who date!

It’s been almost a month since the last Passion Playdate, but I’ve been having so much fun writing these to you, so here’s another one! 

Take a deep breath, hold it in, and release. 

Your breath is one of the most potent tools to spark intimacy and sensuality in your life. Truly.

When we get excited and sensual, our heart tends to beat faster. Our autonomous nervous system is activated. We often say this arousal starts the system that tells our body to “fight, flee, feed, freeze, or fornicate (or make love).” 

This kind of energy has a valuable purpose. But we also want to regulate it and direct it toward heart connection, sensual awakening, and more intimacy between partners. 

Why bother doing this? 

When we keep this sensual excitement in just one part of the body (head, heart, genitals), we’re robbing the other parts of our body of experiencing this energy. And as a side effect, we’re also denying our partner from feeling it.

We get the best of both worlds by spreading the breath throughout our bodies.

We get the sensual excitement we seek, and we are steering it into other parts of our body (not just in our head, heart, or genitals) and passing this energy back and forth to each other.

Here’s how you and your lover can do it. 

Using your mind, lock on to the sensations you’re feeling. Take the sensual energy up slowly, so you have plenty of time to explore how to spread it.

The idea is to generate sensual energy and learn how to spread it.

Begin by breathing the energy you’re feeling up through your body. You may wish to imagine it going through your spine and trunk of your body to your head, fingertips, and toes. Flow that energy all around your body again and again. Keep the energy flowing as you breathe in and out. 

Then continue to visualize this energy flowing from you and to your partner. Then imagine it flowing throughout their body.

Don’t get hung up on the exact sequence. There’s no right or wrong order. It’s all up to you and how YOU circulate your sensual energy.

Just breathe in and out, and visualize your sensual energy flowing throughout your body. 

You want to achieve a perfect balance of relaxation and alertness. This should not relax you to the point of becoming limp and soggy. It should balance your sympathetic nervous system (the part in charge of your arousal) and your parasympathetic nervous system (the part that relaxes you.)

When you’re in balance, that’s precisely how you’ll feel—relaxed and alert. This perfect balance is ideal for heart-connected experiences, playdates, date nights, and even lovemaking. 

All this is to achieve your ideal relationship and sensual life. Try it tonight. You’ll be surprised how good it feels. That’s how an erotic playdate SHOULD feel.

Susan Elegant

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