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Yoni Massage Vs. Expanded O Dates

Oh, happy day! I get to write to you about the difference between Yoni massage and the Expanded Orgasm practice.

First, they work great together to get a woman super turned on and very engorged. 

Remember, we women don’t have two significant sexual competitive advantages that men have:

1) Men are testosterone dominant. That is the hormone of desire. And men are just more ready to go for sex than women. We need more warm-ups. 

2) Men have an advantage with hemodynamics. The blood enters their genitals more quickly. We are slower to become engorged. We have the same amount of erectile tissue, but it takes longer to fill with blood.

So guys are generally hornier to start than women, and they get erect faster. 

Yoni massage is the solution to level the bed top playing field. 

Happy couple In Bed

The word Yoni is a Tantric sex word for a woman’s vulva. It’s sweeter sounding than the vulva, and the vagina is just the canal, so it means the whole genital system, not just inside her vagina.

The Yoni massage is an all-over vulva massage. From the mons at the top, the outside of the labia, the inner labia, the clitoral hood, and the clitoris, inside the vagina and the G-areas.

The Expanded Orgasm technique is a clitoris-centered stroke. It is so light and gentle that it enables a woman to become dramatically and orgasmically sensitive with practice. You can put your finger on a woman trained in Expanded Orgasm, and she can feel the orgasm throughout her entire body and start coming. She can even begin to come before you lay a finger on her.

Expanded Orgasms dates work best when she’s had a Yoni massage beforehand. The massage first, stroke second, is a good one-two strategy for taking her into an orgasmic state and then holding her there in Expanded Orgasms.

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The vulva pump goes first to bring blood flow to her labia and the area around her vagina, which is wrapped with erectile tissue from her clitoral and urethral structures. Then you release the vulva pump and do the clitoral pump on her beautiful nubbin. This gives her a clitoral erection which helps when you begin the Expanded Orgasm stroking.

Vulva Pump Package

Only pump to pleasure. The vulva requires less than -1 inHg of vacuum. You’ll barely see the pumping register on the dial, but she can do it or guide her lover. Pump a bit, hold, and add more pressure if it feels good. 

Her clit is popping, erect, and so exquisitely sensitive after the pumping that the Yoni massage helps spread the blood throughout her vulva. Then the Expanded Orgasm stroking takes her into the stratosphere and holds her there in pleasure.

Here are some free videos I created about Yoni massage for you.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ How To Give A Yoni Massage

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Yoni Vagina Massage with Amaya Charles

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Work your way up to G-Spot pleasuring:

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Graduate from there to an Expanded Orgasm practice:

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ Discover the course here

Here’s An Expanded Orgasm Video For You ⇐ How To Give An Expanded Orgasm Massage

Click Here For Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Then She Will Be Ready For G-Spot and Female Ejaculatory Orgasms 

When women tell me their top wish list for sexual experiences, it’s #1 to have orgasms from intercourse and #2 to have G-Spot orgasms and learn how to ejaculate. These are fantastic things to know together if you’re lucky enough to have a partner.

Email me back and let me know any questions you have.

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