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“Wife 55 not in the mood and dry as a desert.” (Mailbag)

My program, Revive Her Drive, is fantastic. It teaches you how to revive a sex drive. Duh!

However, it’s not for women who no longer want sex out of being “dry as a desert,” as one of my readers puts it. If she wishes to have sex, but it hurts, that’s different.

Libido and lubrication are more body-based and should be handled with sexual regenerative procedures, techniques, and tools.

Check out the email Ronnie sent, plus my complete response and recommendations in the full article below.


“Good afternoon, Susan, 

I was wondering whether Revive Her Drive will work for my wife. She will be 55 and in menopause with no mood for sex and intimacy and, as she puts it, dry as a desert down there. 

She feels terrible for me, lol. I want To try and help her in any way. 

Also, will this help me with better blood flow for more vigorous sex? I will be 53.

Thank you!” — Ronnie (not his real name)


Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for asking me how to get your wife lubricated and horny for sex with you again. I also answered what you could do to keep your erectile function strong through middle age and beyond.

Since your wife WANTS to have sex with you, and it’s just a physical issue holding her back, I don’t recommend my program Revive Her Drive yet. That is for wives who have given up on sex for more reasons than just loss of libido and lubrication.

Your wife wants to satisfy you sexually. She needs some sexual regenerative support.

  1. Romance her to get her thinking about sex again.
  2. Start giving her pleasure, expecting no sex in return.
  3. Get her a new vibrator that will encourage her lubrication.
  4. Both of you take Nitric Oxide supplementation and Libido Support Vitamins.
  5. Get her sexual regenerative treatments: a home device or practitioner-given treatments that are stronger and work faster than the home device. You two choose.
  6. Start the FORIA Pleasure protocol.
  7. Get hormone therapy.


Here’s what I’d recommend for your wife in the following order based on both the least expensive solutions to things that cost more but are worth it and are synergistic:

  1. Take her for a walk every day and hold her hand. 
  2. Buy her flowers every week.
  3. Tell her she’s pretty, and you think she’s sexy EVERY DAY.

Be sure to complete these fundamentals. 

You already know her brain is her most significant sex organ. Set a timer on your phone, and put a note in your calendar. Do what it takes to get her moving again and verbally appreciate her.

Plus the flowers. IMPORTANT!

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. Do not barter or bargain for sex. Selflessly give her as many hands-on vulva and clitoral massages as she’d like, whenever she’d like. Make sure she understands that there is zero expectation of reciprocation for sex. If you tie the sex to the massage, she won’t let you massage her. Then you can’t get her vulva restarted. You must just let her come to you and beg you for sex. Don’t give in easily. Soon, she will want intercourse with you, which will feel good. 

Here are some videos and resources to get her in the mood for desire and intimacy. 

Check Out This Video I Made ⇐ How To Make Love To A Sexy Old Lady

Here’s Another Hot Video ⇐ How To Give A Yoni Massage.

Even Hotter Right Here ⇐ How To Finger and Give A Pussy Massage.

Work your way up to G-Spot pleasuring:

Here’s How To Get Her There ⇐ How To Do A Sacred Spot Massage.

Graduate from there to an Expanded Orgasm practice:

Crème de la crème O’s ⇐ Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

More Expanded Orgasm Videos ⇐ How To Give An Expanded Orgasm Massage

Watch This Yoni Massage Video Too ⇐ Yoni Vagina Massage

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Help her restore her vaginal wetness:

Click Here To Watch The Video ⇐ Restoring Vaginal Wetness 

Take FLOW 2 capsules in the evening and before sex (both of you) for blood flow (and lubrication for her.)

Take DESIRE 2 capsules in the morning. Start with the Tongkat Ali for 30 days, then the Fenugreek, then the Tribulus Terrestris. Then, start again with that cycle. 

Up To 33% OFF On FLOW ⇐ 3 Bottles Every 3 Months Option (plus FREE Shipping for US-based orders over $50 or International Orders over $75)

Click Here For The DESIRE Trio ⇐ Daily Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement With Libido-Boosting Superherbs 

Get my FORIA pleasure protocol of the Melts, the Awaken Arousal Oil. Then, use the Sex Oil on top copiously and repeatedly throughout lovemaking so that everything flows smoothly without friction.

She can put the Melts in every day to make her feel better. The Relief Melts have twice the CBD in them than the regular vaginal Melts. This will revitalize her vaginal tissue.

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She Should Watch This Video Too ⇐ I Had 6 Orgasm Shots To My Clitoris

Have a functional doctor put her on hormone replacement therapy. Estrogens, testosterone and progesterone. Have them check her cortisol levels and thyroid. 

Here’s A Video ⇐ Hormonal Replacement Therapy.

Once you are romancing her, massaging her vulva, and getting her clitoris activated. She’s taking the blood flow booster and daily libido vitamin. You will find she is enjoying being intimate with you much more.

You can offer her intercourse, but make her promise that she can stop the minute it doesn’t feel FANTASTIC. Let her know it is NOT her responsibility to have sex with you through ejaculation. You can masturbate anytime you need to get a load out.

You keep this until she’s making sex dates with you.

As for you, my entire course of action for making sure your penis doesn’t atrophy and get bendy is here:  

Click Here To Download ⇐ Susan Bratton’s FREE Pump Guide.

Read and watch these together. Decide on a course of action.

Let me know your questions and how it goes.

I’m excited for you!

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