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Create AMAZING Experiences With Rekindled Flame

Top ten sex positions for stamina? Sex toy suggestions for orgasmic cross training? Sex life-boosting salad dressing recipe? Strategies for increasing the size of your clitoris?

I have many ideas for lovers that have passed through my creatively naughty head over the past decade.

So many that I tried putting them down in one place, only to realize that I have a whole book’s worth of sexy ideas covering everything from positions, toys, techniques, adventures, and even sexual health and performance-enhancing procedures. 

Would you like to see them all? It will change how you look at sex and make exquisite love with your soulmate. 

A fan sent in an email asking for some sexy advice. Check out their email and my response below.

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“Dear Susan,

I’m 58 years old and have recently rekindled the flame with a woman I met during my first year of college in Sacramento, CA, in 1983! 

Things have been going amazingly, sex included, but I want to bring our sex life to as much of an intimate and emotionally connected level as we can. She’s fantastic, and we have excellent connections across our relationship, from friendship to music to laughter and everything in between. 

For most of my life, my sexual life has been about “satisfying needs” without any emotional connection. I want us to share the most amazing experiences we can and would love your advice! Thank you so much in advance!

Very best.” — Ricky (not his real name) 


Hi Ricky,

I’m thrilled for you. 

Why not view your newfound love as a grand experiment in passion and pleasure? Try different ideas over the first year to see what you enjoy doing together. It takes six months to get comfortable with a new lover. Experiences accelerate the emotional comfort and depth of connection between two people.

If you think she’s up for it, and I am confident she would be, why don’t the two of you take my Personalized Sex Life Assessment?

Click Here For Wild N’ Hot Sex Ideas ⇐ Try Out My-Sex-Life-Bucket-List Master Plan.

It’s free. You just download the pdf to ensure your total and complete privacy. Print it out, and each of you does one. There is a new guided visualization you can watch separately or together as kind of a couple’s exercise. I walk you through the whole assessment and help you fill it out. My sexy descriptions make this so much fun!

Then compare your Sex Life Bucket List to hers.

You can find out what she’s most excited to experience and give her those first!

You put an “A” next to those that are bucket-list must-haves. A “B” on those you’d be open to do if your partner wanted to. A “C” on things that are not of interest to you at this time. 

Rank your “A’s” in order of what seems most exciting to do with your new girlfriend. Have her do the same. Compare notes and get it on!

I’d love to know what your lists are. That’s so fun!

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