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How To Ask For What You Want. (Intimacy Checklist 2 Of 7)

Sometimes, we know what we want from our lovers. Get your intimacy checklist here.

It’s screaming from deep within our soul. 

But we don’t have the words. 

So we don’t bother asking for it. This leaves us wanting, empty, lacking, and needing emotional or physical closure. 

Women may feel their partners don’t love them enough. Men may feel their lovers have lost their attraction for him. 

We all have the power and the capability to fill our partners with an infinite amount of love. 

Let’s not let the lack of “words” stop us from giving and receiving pleasure. 

Like when your body badly needs a specific type of human touch. A warm, loving massage. A long hug. But you don’t know how to describe the kind of touch you need. Our very own Susan Bratton has a book that talks specifically about this. 

Or you want your partner to openly express their love for you more openly and more often. 

How do you say it? 

Well, the truth is there’s no right or wrong way to say or ask what you want. 

The ONLY real wrong way is NOT asking. 


Sometimes all it takes is to use the words you’re already used to, terms both of you are familiar with, and “mash” them together.

“Kiss the back of my neck like you’re taking short sips of hot coffee….”

“Honey, just like John Cusack’s boombox serenade scene in Say Anything.”

Nobody else has to understand the words, phrases, and expressions you use with your partner. 

It’s your secret love language! 

Most relationships have huge gaping holes in a physical, emotional, and sexual sense. This helps you both fill these holes for each other. 


Another way is to always look for new ways to give and receive pleasure. 

You can learn how other people express their desires to their lovers from watching movies and TV, reading books, and even just listening to other people’s stories. 

That’s why here at Personal Life Media, we always give you lots of options on how to satisfy your and your partner’s physical, emotional, and sexual desires. 

We also sent your articles over the week to help you grow your love language with your partner (or future partner.) 

Take some time off today to read through the ones you like. 

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Dr. Patti is an author, coach, and seminar leader. She has a Ph.D. in Expanded Orgasms and is the creator of the bestselling program Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and The Seduction Trilogy: Seduce Her Tonight, Seduction Accelerator, and Sexual Trainer. She’s been a practitioner and teacher of Expanded Orgasms for over 30 years.

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