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My “Heart Tongue” Penis Technique

Happy Holidays, sweetie pie. I’m sitting by the window looking out at the snow falling on pine trees in Whistler, British Columbia. After giving you this unique lovemaking technique, I’m heading out to the slopes this morning.

The “Heart Tongue” penis technique is a visualization strategy for improving your intercourse experiences. I want you to imagine that your penis (or your lover’s penis) is not a staff and is instead a more movable, flexible appendage. Take a minute and wiggle your tongue. You can move it from side to side. You can slide it in and out. You can put the tip wherever you want it to go. You can curl it up from the sides, backward and forward, and wag it side to side. The tongue is a miraculous muscle. Yet so is a penis.

A penis can pivot in a vagina. Most penises have a curve of some kind to them. They are sensitive and can slowly circle the outside of a vagina. They can tease and bounce on the clitoris and labia. They can slide down to stimulate the floor of the vagina. They can swipe up along the roof of the vagina, stimulating the urethral sponge (G-spot). They can swipe the left and right sides of the vaginal canal, stimulating the nerves that run down her legs. The penis can do short, long, shallow, and deep strokes. The penis can pulsate. The penis can pound. It can slap. It can tickle. The penis can do way more than perform like a piston, stroking in and out with the same rhythmic intensity. The penis can run circles around the vagina in more ways than one.

When you begin to think of the penis as an appendage as articulate as your fingers or tongue, you begin to enliven the experience of intercourse. The variety of moves a penis can make stimulates her vulva and vagina in exciting new ways. And the more you try variations, the more you discover orgasmically pleasurable movements and techniques.

But take it even further… If you can move your penis like a tongue and connect it to your heart, you add a level of loving dimension that goes far beyond the penis being an appendage, more like a pool queue. When you draw your compassion, love, affection, and devotion right down into your penis, you can inject your love into your partner even more profoundly.

We are energy beings. We can feel the vibrations of love emanating from your penis. You can blast us with turn on and with adoration. If you want more passion, visualize your reverence for your partner pouring out of your penis and into their body through their vagina. Fill your woman up with your love through your cock. Let your manhood reverberate with your reverence. She will feel it. It’s so powerful a technique that she will be vibrating with your love. She will be orgasming from your worship of her. You could hold entirely still and fill her with ardor.

The Heart Tongue technique combines feeling (heart) and movement (tongue) to improve your lovemaking, connection, and pleasure dimensionally. Try it without saying anything to your partner. First, try the activities. Then add the heart connection. Take it slowly. It’s a lot of change from the old in-and-out piston movement you’ve probably been doing. With women, slow motion to start is essential.

One guy wrote to me recently and said, “I tried your technique, and oh my god, she came so hard!” I asked, “Which technique?” (I teach hundreds!) He said, “To slow down. When I slowed down, she came so hard and fast.”

Let me know how this goes and what parts your lady liked the best. 

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