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Thrust In Time Intercourse Technique

Thrust In Time Intercourse Technique

Are you ready for the biggest and most powerful sex technique known to humankind?

It’s a 2000-year-old Taoist sex technique that I’ve adapted to work for lovers in a modern sexual setting.

And it’s a combination of shallow, short strokes and deep, long strokes perfectly timed and done precisely in the proper order…

To trigger a woman’s orgasms with your penis (without even having to stimulate the clitoris or her other sweet spots). 

Not only that, but doing this technique helps give men the stamina to keep thrusting and thrusting until she’s had enough pleasure for the night or until YOU want it to end.

Click Here To Check Out My Video ⇐ “Thrust In Time” Vaginal Orgasm Intercourse Technique For Men 


The video talks about value-bombs you’ll find inside the “Thrust In Time” book itself. These include:

  • The “Heart Tongue” Technique 
  • Penis Pivots 
  • The Hip Technique slow down the ejaculatory urge and prolong stamina 
  • “Sensations She Needs,” the kinds of pleasure a woman’s body craves that gently lead her to orgasmic peaks 

The “Thrust In Time’ technique solves the #1 problem of women during sex (having a hard time reaching orgasm), and the #1 problem men have during sex (just so easy to ejaculate early). 

Knowing this body-based technique is the one-two punch that makes intercourse that much better and phenomenal for everyone.

Click Here To Check Out My Video ⇐ “Thrust In Time” Vaginal Orgasm Intercourse Technique For Men

And if you want to go directly to my FREE book, you can just download it by clicking on the link below. 

You’ll discover in this book an Ancient Taoist thrusting technique that brings women to orgasm from intercourse. 

There are step-by-step instructions inside for men to follow and women to be aware of.

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