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Femilift for Vaginal Lubrication and Anti-Aging

Femilift for Vaginal Lubrication and Anti-Aging

Here’s another video with Cheryl Schaaf, an RN board-certified family nurse practitioner.

Cheryl is an expert in women’s sexual regenerative treatments and therapies. I interviewed her about her favorite vaginal restoration treatments. 

In this video, we talk about Femilift. 

Cheryl gave me a couple of Femilifts four years ago when I had vaginal pain, dryness, and incontinence. 

Watch us go through these procedures one by one and explain each one for you. 

Click Here For The Video ⇐ Femilift For Vaginal Lubrication And Anti-Aging


It’s all about creating new tissue and stimulating healing for our most private, sensual parts. 

We want lubrication, control, sensation, toning and tightening, better orgasms, and anti-aging effects. 

As we explain in the video, these procedures are all super safe.

And as Cheryl mentions in the video, most women no longer need external lubricant after going through the procedure.


Click Here For The Video ⇐ Femilift For Vaginal Lubrication And Anti-Aging 

I would also love for you to download another FREE book of mine called “Vaginal Restoration Revealed.” 

Inside, I explain each step of my vaginal rejuvenation experience, from meeting some of the most qualified health practitioners to taking you on a bird’s-eye-view on some of my sessions. 

You’ll also hear my thoughts on what to do before, during, and after each procedure. Be sure to check this out.

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