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How Self-Love Can Change Your Life: Embrace the Transformative Power

What are you doing to end 2021 and start 2022 with a BANG? Read on to learn more about how self-love can change your life.

Many people are spending sweet, quality time with their loved ones after not being together for some time.

Some are going out for parties.

Maybe you’re preparing a romantic dinner with your lover.

Or you’re snuggled up with your partner watching the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection you ordered a few weeks ago.

Whatever you’re up to, make sure you make yourself your #1 priority.

If you think that’s somewhat selfish, you’re right. Yet, it would be best if you were a little selfish. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Let me explain.

how self love can change your life


Being selfish allows you to become more generous in other aspects of your life.

For example, being selfish in your relationship means focusing on receiving love and attention from your partner.

However, the more love you receive, the more love you’ll want to give back to them. 

A person who receives love and doesn’t feel loved can have a tough time finding the energy and will to give love to others.

Being loved and cherished makes it so much easier to spread love.

That’s also why you should encourage your lover to be selfish. Because the more love they receive, the more love they’ll want to give back to you. 

Being selfish means, you’re not wasting time and only focusing your warmth and energy on the people who mean the most and the direction you truly want to go in life.

You will have more love and time for your lover, family, and best friends.

You are free to become your highest, most expressive, most authentic self.

That’s why I make sure I teach you, and the millions of other readers and followers worldwide, to take special care of yourself, and ultimately everyone else in your universe. 

Give yourself as much pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness as possible.

So you can give all that and more out to others, which will also pass it on.

This week’s articles are all about receiving pleasure, love, and happiness — and passing it all on. 

Take your sweet time going through them tonight. Prioritize yourself. Prioritize those who mean the most. And make the world a much better place. 

Susan In Nice Red

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