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Intercourse Techniques 3.0: Elevate Pleasure with Proven Methods for Ultimate Satisfaction

Read on to learn about these intercourse techniques. Some things about getting laid you don’t know.

I’m a champion of intercourse… Penis-in-vagina sex. Coitus. “The old in-and-out.”


Too many young sexperts out there downplay the importance of good-old making whoopee — saying people should focus on clitoral pleasure to help women close the “orgasm gap.” The gap is the difference between how much easier it is for penis-owners to achieve climax from intercourse than for women. They don’t even realize that three erectile tissue structures wrap around the vagina — they still focus on the tip of the clitoris.

These youngsters haven’t had time yet to experience long-term monogamy. If you’re heterosexual and a serial monogamist, you must learn how to be good at intercourse, or you will be letting your partner down. Over time you’ll become disillusioned and want less instead of more sex, especially as a woman without the benefit of high daily testosterone release.

Further, intercourse takes skill, which you must learn to be a lover on an upward pleasure spiral. And that a woman orgasming from intercourse is a LEARNED skill. Very few women have orgasms from intercourse at first. But with practice and information, ALL vagina owners can learn to orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex— if the penis owner also knows what they are doing.

Susan In Red


Anybody can make a baby. But being a good love-maker takes knowledge and practice. And I want you to be good at penetration orgasms.

I’m just getting good at intercourse at sixty years old! Sex keeps getting better as you age, as long as you keep your genitals healthy. Over the next few weeks, I will give you a ton of intercourse skills, including my “Heart Tongue Technique,” penis pivots and pompoir pulses, how to cross the ‘gasm chasm, different kinds of penetration orgasms, the best orgasm sex positions for intercourse, and how to use strap on dildos in case you don’t have a hard penis available.

There are two significant big-picture aspects to “fantastic effing”: Being sensual and both lovers bringing equal energy to the experience. What made me a great “effer” was learning these two ways of showing up in the bedroom. I’ll get into some detail about both in upcoming articles.

I’m creating a new series over the next couple of months. Each week I’ll send you one facet of being a fabulous “effer.” Each weekly skill will build on itself. So I’m asking you to try each concept each week so you can play along and keep up. Reply to this email if you are willing to do this with me. It’s similar to what I did all Summer long with the Come With Me: 20 Kinds of Orgasms Challenge. I want to know you are engaged and participating. Just hit reply and say yes.

To start, here is a series I recorded on Penetration Orgasms. Please watch these:

intercourse techniques

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