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Come With Me: Susan Bratton’s “20 Different Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge #15 of 15: “Wildcard”

The “Come With Me” FINAL Edition

Well, Cutie. . . Here we are after 15 weeks of orgasms together. 😂
Are you spent? Satisfied? Stymied?

Did you have any new kinds of orgasms as I explained all the twenty kinds our bodies can have?

This week’s featured orgasm is “Wildcard!…” Which means that there are types of orgasms some of you are having that I am not even aware of. I want you to comment below if I missed any.

Some of my favorite moments were Mike and Lana’s energy orgasms, The Blended Orgasm instructions, the Three Kinds of Squirters, and Kandi’s Foursome Fantasy story.

As a recap, there are three types of orgasms and 20 different kinds.


  1. Locations to stimulate
  2. Physical and mental techniques to use
  3. Tools, toys and objects to leverage


#1 of 15: How To Have Insanely Satisfying Clitoral Orgasms and Male Ejaculatory Orgasms with Stamina

#2 of 15: G-Spot Orgasm, P-Spot Orgasm, Prostate Orgasms

#3 of 15: The Blended Orgasm

#4 of 15: Vaginal Orgasm From Penetration For Her And The Heartgasm For Him

#5 of 15: Buttgasms and The $1 Million Dollar Point Orgasm

#6 of 15: Female Ejaculation: 3 Types of Squirters

#7 of 15: Mouthgasms, Throatgasms, Neckgasms, Breathgasms

#8 of 15: Breastgasms, Nipplegasms, Coregasms aka Bellygasms

#9 of 15: Expanded Orgasms, Edging Orgasms

#10 of 15: Energy Orgasms

#11 of 15: Multiple Energy Orgasms

#12 of 15: Sex Toy Orgasms

#13 of 15: Sensation Orgasms, Impact Play Orgasms, Rough Sex Orgasms, D/s Orgasms

#14 of 15: Erotic Hypnosis, Think Offs, Orgasm Control, Fantasy Orgasms

#15 of 15: Wildcard

Bookmark this index link to my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all.

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