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How She Rides A Dick Cowgirl-Style

How She Rides A Dick Cowgirl-Style

A friend is married to a sweet, timid woman. He’s frustrated because she doesn’t ask him for anything in bed. She doesn’t initiate or lead and isn’t a nympho. She is passive and wants him to be in charge. It’s causing him to lose interest in having sex with her. Learn about the best cowgirl orgasm.

I thought about this issue for a while, and I don’t consider changing her will work. Her passive personality is so deeply a part of who she is that he needs to be OK with being the sexual leader. But what he CAN do is teach her how to do what feels good to her when they are making love. 

For that, I recommend helping her learn how to “ride a dick cowgirl style.”

I’ve been perfecting this myself, and it’s a transformative experience.

In this article, I will give you the eight facets of orgasmic cowgirl so you can try them yourself or teach your woman:

  1. Stroke Portfolio
  2. Orgasmic Peaking
  3. Body Wisdom
  4. Engorgement
  5. Sacking Sensation
  6. Angles of the Dangle
  7. Toys and Lube
  8. Encouragement

Cowgirl is a missionary position with the woman on top facing her man. I recommend one of my Sexy Seven Favorite Sex Positions in my illustrated guide, 7 Stimulating Sex Positions.

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best cowgirl orgasm


I started my sex life being more of a recipient of my partner’s ministrations. I would lay pretty passive, receiving their pumping during intercourse. As my vulva got more activated by all the things we were doing (Expanded Orgasm dates and G-Spot awakening, and then Female Ejaculation), I started meeting him more with my body.

I moved from being a receptacle to activating my vagina. This was when I began to “cross the ‘gasm chasm” and have orgasms from intercourse.

Still, I went on for a few more years, gaining sexual confidence and becoming more orgasmic. I began enjoying giving oral as much as receiving it. And I started getting comfortable trying new sex positions because I didn’t need to be in my “go-to position” to have an orgasm from penetration.

Over time, I was starting to get on top of my man and pump up and down. He would hold my hips and help me with the rhythm. It started feeling good. And then I naturally moved into being able to do what felt good to me. 

My guy is a multi-orgasmic man with incredible stamina. He comes when I want him to, 90% of the time, and can last as long as I need him to. He learned the ME Breath from Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men.

If you want your woman to lose herself to her pleasure on your cock, or you’re a woman who is willing to lean into what feels good in the moment, you can’t be with a guy who struggles not to come too fast. That’s why having Ejaculatory Choice (ejaculating when you want to and not a second before) is so essential for allowing your woman to let herself go and take her pleasure on your cock. The ME Breath is our program that teaches you how to last as long as she wants you to.

When she’s out of her mind with pleasure, riding your cock like a wild horse, coming over and over again, you need to be able to last. The ME Breath is that tool for guys.


Here are my suggestions to my women fans on how to learn to come, Cowgirl style.


There are four strokes to try.

1. Slide vs. Grind

2. Short vs. Long

3. Deep vs. Shallow

4. Slow vs. Fast

With the grind, sit down on his pelvis and have him push up to put his cock in you nice and deep. Push down into him and feel him deep inside you. 

Use his penis tip to play with your introital sphincter, the round muscle at your vagina’s opening. It’s susceptible and loves to be lightly probed.


If you’ve been following me for a while, I will talk about “toggling” a lot. Toggling is going back and forth between high stimulation and taking little recovery breaks. You can learn more about this in our free ebook, “Orgasmic Peaking.” When you drive yourself too fast and hard, you limit your ability to come well. You are in control of your peaks when you are on top. So read this book and understand how to do this for yourself.

best cowgirl orgasm

With the shorts and longs, fast and slows, feel your way. This is one of the ways you toggle yourself. Your pussy likes variety. She knows what she wants. Listen to her. You have intuitive body wisdom working 100% of the time. When you tune into your body, and you have this notion of different ways to stroke his cock inside you, you will naturally find things that feel exquisite in each moment. You must be willing to feel your way through this while trusting your Yoni’s wisdom and hunger.

At first, you are just doing cowgirl to tune into what your pussy wants. You are using his dick to awaken your vagina everywhere inside. Chances are, your guy has been fucking you like a piston in a car. That’s what’s shown in porn. But when you get on him and ride him and feel your way to what gives YOU most pleasure, it’s going to dawn on him how much more variety he could be giving you when he’s in the driver’s seat. 


This process of finding what feels good comes with time and practice. You will also build up your hip flexion and thigh and glute stamina. Don’t expect to come the first time you do this. Just try and lose yourself as best you can and find your way. It will come. You will come. I promise. Your body is MADE for this. Your vagina is wrapped in erectile tissue. It needs time to engorge with blood. Take FLOW before you start to have sex. Then begin your sex date with a pussy massage.  

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Here is my video on How To Give A Fantastic Pussy Massage

best cowgirl orgasm

The pussy massage and FLOW Nitric Oxide booster will help with your lubrication and engorgement. The engorgement  Take two capsules at night and then two before sex. It also helps with squirting. Once you get good at cowgirl and get turned on, you might be able to gush your feminine waters all over your guy’s cock. That is HOT. 


Bouncing up and down on him (safely) is also hot. And if you’re kissing him at times while you are doing it, this will turn you on more. If he’s playing with your breasts and nipples while you’re riding him, that will increase your arousal. And if he’s encouraging you in a deep voice while you’re riding him, that adds more fuel to your fire. Layering in touch, eye connection, breath, and verbal encouragement all heighten your turn on. 

Just be CAREFUL of his dick! You do not want to bend or break your man’s penis. They are delicate. If you hurt him, he could end up disfigured with Peyronie’s disease. The tunica albuginea is a smooth muscle that holds in the spongy tissue of his penis. If you rip or tear it, he could be scarred for life. Don’t pull way out at weird angles and pump back down. When you are learning, have him hold the base of his cock up for you. 


There are angles to play with because different cocks hit different spots inside your vagina:

1. Side to side.

2. G-Spot slide up the roof of your vagina.

3. Straight in super deep up toward your cervix.

4. Down toward your perineal sponge, the third of three erectile tissue systems in your vulva.

The in-and-out motion of his penis into your vagina is enough to make you come once you are fully engorged, confident, and aroused. But you are more than welcome to use a sex toy to add sensation at ANY time.

best cowgirl orgasm

There are two vibrating cock rings I recommend for cowgirl. One is the NŌS. This can be a handheld vibe too, so it plays double duty. This is good if he is worried about coming too fast because it doesn’t overstimulate him. It also traps blood in his penis, so it makes him firmer. 

The Atom Plus Lux is great if you have a partner who needs more stimulation to orgasm. It has two vibrators – one that vibrates his shaft and one that goes under his balls to vibrate his perineum and prostate. If he can pound away on you and you wish he’d come faster, the Atom is the one you want. It has a remote control where you can turn up and down and try patterns of vibration that stimulate your clitoris while you’re riding him.

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Using a vibrating cock ring is NOT cheating! It’s adding more pleasure. And that’s what we are doing here. We are stacking pleasure. Kissing, eyes, breath, touch, breasts, genitals, vibrators, music, lighting, great lube… Do it ALL!

As far as lube, I use avocado oil or sweet almond oil. You have to wash your sex toys. The oil will break down the silicone over time. But I try new toys that are so innovative that I seldom have to replace them because new things like the NŌS and ATOM are always coming on the market.

Use lube liberally. 

Take breaks anytime you need them. This is another aspect of toggling… fucking and resting, fucking and sleeping. You’ll get further along in your skills the more you take pauses to recover.


Here’s another little trick that works for me. 

I’m very kinesthetic in my Theta state, which means that during sex, I come better when my eyes are closed. Open eyes can be distracting for me. And I’m tall. So when I’m on my man, I have to bend to kiss him. So I am not kissing him a lot because my head is up above his head. And my boobs are plopping on his upper chest. I have my hands up above him, supporting the trunk of my body and head. Then I close my eyes, and I feel his dick inside me. I do what my Yoni demands. I let myself go. He protects the angles of his dick so I don’t hurt him. And I just let myself come and come. 

When you can let go of how you look or what you think you are supposed to be doing, and you relax and enjoy, you’ll get into the zone that allows your energy to mount and your orgasms to bubble up out of you.


For me, verbal encouragement is HUGE. I think most women need our lovers to call us to our orgasmic potential.

If you are with a timid woman, guide her through this experience and let her know how sexy she is, how beautiful she is, and how much she turns you on.

Her surrender is a tremendous gift to her partner. 

I hope you find something in here that adds to your sex life.

You know I love your stories. Email me if you have a breakthrough Cowgirl Dick Riding Experience.

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