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Maneuver Through Menopause

Maneuver Through Menopause

Learn about natural menopause relief secrets. Have you heard this cliche before?

“Struggling through menopause is a normal part of womanhood.”

Many women have been taught to believe that life gets worse and worse as we age and go through menopause. 

But the experts are saying the exact opposite!

Here’s the TRUTH.

“Negative menopause symptoms are optional.”

“Menopause is an amazing, new phase of your life.”

“Surgery and drugs are not required!”

“I’m enjoying myself now more than any other time in my life!”

Do you want that to be true for you too? 

I’ve been invited to speak at a fantastic event coming up called the Maneuvering Menopause Summit. And I’m inviting YOU to join me. Registration is for FREE.

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On Day 1, October 25th, the topics include:

  • Hormone Prescription for a Magnificent Menopause 
  • Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Health Through Perimenopause and Menopause 
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Menopause 
  • Natural Menopause and the “Midlife Refuel”
  • The REAL Truth About Hormones 
  • “Sexually Woke” How To Have The Best Sex Ever In Midlife and Beyond 
  • Secrets to Perimenopause 
  • The Menopause Movement 
  • Lifestyle Factors That Contribute Most To Longevity and Optimal Health 

I’ll be speaking on October 27th. That’s the third day of the online summit where I’ll be going LIVE together with other experts on Mindset, Self-Care, and Intimacy.

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natural menopause relief secrets

The host will be Shelly Burns, a Chiropractor, Gym Owner, Life Coach, and Creator of the FIT Menopause Blueprint™.

She specifically works with women in their 40s and above to maneuver through perimenopause and menopause obstacles using fitness, nutrition, mindset, and self-care. 

Over the past few years, Shelly has helped hundreds of women get their desired results in weight loss, energy level improvement, hormone balancing & sleep quality improvement with my online program.

The summit is going to be amazing. You’ve got to check it out and register. 

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