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“Glissando” Intercourse Technique

Flip the script on Making Whoopee 3.0

This week, I’m headed to the Rocky Mountains to hit the ski slopes. Pray for snow. ❤️❄️

Today’s article is about one of those sex techniques that are so simple you can do it well the first time you try it, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get. I call it “Glissando.” It’s good to name your moves so that you can ask your lover for them. “Baby, do the Glissando to me!”

As part of my “Making Whoopee 3.0” advanced intercourse techniques series, “Glissando” is a penetration technique that I find particularly orgasmic. Instead of thrusting the penis into the vagina, you pull the vagina on and off the penis.

The best position is doggy style, with the receiver on hands and knees and the giver on their knees behind. My favorite way to do this is on my bed in front of my full-length closet mirrors. 

If you’re the penis owner, you will grab your lover’s hips and rock them back and forth onto your penis. Using variety, you’ll alternate between short, long, deep, rapid, and slow pushes and pulls. 


I named this concept glissando because it’s a musical term used with harps, slide guitars, and other instruments where you glide between notes and octaves. I want you to get that smooth, gliding feeling combined with a harmonic syncopation. You want to make your slides smooth and evenly spaced with a bit of surprise movement now and then. That’s the syncopation. It’s another form of toggling. I frequently talk about toggling the body in sex, so the nervous system feels a groove and then the relief from the groove. This heightens arousal and expands orgasm.

You’re pulling your partner on your penis with rhythms. If you’re the partner, you’re making your body easy to hold onto and move smoothly. Let your lover drive your moves. You surrender. They deliver. 

While you’re receiving, open your entire vulva to your partner. Instead of squeezing in, open out. Push out. Your partner can even spread your butt cheeks open to expose your vaginal opening more. This feels good to be so abandoned and manipulated by your partner. All you have to do is allow it.

Make sure you both moan and express your pleasure. Look at yourselves in the mirror if you can rig one up. The more feedback you give each other that this Glissando feels incredible, the better it will feel!

The Glissando is also a great technique to increase polarity. The masculine is in control. The feminine is surrendered. 

Oh gosh, I’m getting so turned on thinking about the Glissando! You probably are too. And as always, THANK YOU for taking charge of your sexuality. It’s a gift that would be silly to squander. 

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