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How To Communicate What You Need In Bed (Sandbox Dates 4 of 5)

“In order for me to surrender completely and unleash my sexuality for you…”

This is how you get REALLY good in bed. (and trust me, you’re not that great yet)

Train your lover to hunger for your feedback.

If you’ve been following my emails, you are aware that famous relationship author Arielle Ford asked me to collaborate on a chapter of her new book. Her book is called, “Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.”

I co-created this “lost chapter” of Arielle’s book —the publisher deemed too risqué to include — called, “HOW TO TURN YOUR MATE INTO YOUR SEXUAL SOULMATE.”

I’ve been dripping out the book in short excerpts for you. This is the fifth excerpt and it covers two fundamental skills for crazy good sex that keeps getting better in monogamous relationships. (The first four excerpts are at the bottom of this story.)

Arielle: So what are some other techniques couples should use in these Sandbox dates?


Susan: I will give you two examples among many we offer in our Seduction Trilogy program. The Seduction Trilogy is a three audiobook, three downloadable book series that includes:

  • Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
  • Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
  • Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses


The two skills I’ll teach you now and in the next article are:  “Thank You,” and “Small Offers.”

Small Offers is one of the four keys to seduction fully explained in Seduce Her Tonight.

Immediately Download The Seduction Trilogy <== You Need These Lover’s Skills

“Thank You,”  is essentially a way to train your lover to hunger for your feedback during lovemaking. Here’s how to have that conversation:

“Baby, I want to try this new thing called ‘thank you.’  Essentially we are going to pretend we are new lovers. We’re going to wipe the history slate clean and try new sexual experiences together. And even though I’m really scared to be this vulnerable, I am going to open myself up to you. We will go very, very slowly as beginners. Imagine that you know nothing. I know nothing. I want you to know that I will do my very best to give you all the feedback I possibly can and when I do, all you have to do is acknowledge me by saying, ‘thank you,’ and adjust.  And, if you don’t want to say ‘thank you,’ then say ‘Ok, baby!’”

Avoid saying, “Sorry” when I give feedback. My feedback does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Please do not take it personally. You must consider whatever I communicate to simply be feedback. It just means today my body wants something different in the moment. I’m just the messenger of my body’s present desires.

And, I have to warn you that in order for me to surrender completely and unleash my sexuality for you, sometimes my feedback may be a shove of your hand, or a snort or a grunt or even a bitchy comment. If I have to get out of my ecstatic state and use my manners, we will not be able to explore uncharted turn-on territory.

Hopefully his response will be, “OK, baby,” or just a simple, “Thank You.”  That’s what it takes to open up the floodgates of surrender and connection.

If you’re hungry for more, here is another article on this incredibly simple, amazingly powerful communication technique:

Ask For What You Want In Bed <== Who Else Is Teaching You These Amazingly Effective Skills?


Here at Personal Life Media we know what makes for crazy good sex. And the skills inside The Seduction Trilogy are unparalleled at training your lover.

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sexual soulmate

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