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Ask For What You Want In Bed

Ladies and Gentlemen… I was WRONG.

Here’s what happened.

Jackie, a very sexy triathlete with flaming red hair was chatting me up at a bar in San Diego. I was telling her about “Thank You,” the way of giving feedback to your lover that makes it easy of for you to give and your man to hear you without feeling like he was being criticized

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And I must admit, I was wrong. Or at least only half right.

I’ve been telling men to say, “Thank You,” every time their woman gave them feedback during lovemaking, instead of saying, “Sorry,” or “I know.” (the worst thing you can say!)

Women are generally afraid to bruise a man’s ego and stay quiet and don’t ask for what they want. Being able to have an agreement that she can say ANYTHING and the only reaction she’ll receive is, “Thank you,” makes her feel comfortable that her guy not only can handle but appreciates lots of micro adjustments to pleasure her more.

But here’s where I was wrong:

Some guys, especially the macho ones (and we women do love our macho men), have trouble with the “Thank you.”


Because it makes them feel like sissies.

And here’s where Jackie’s brilliant refinement comes in. She says, “I love the idea of a non-reactive acknowledgement, but can he say, “OK, Baby?”

“That is so much SEXIER!” 🙂

To that I say, “OK, Baby.”

Try it yourself. Strike an agreement with your lover that you are going to give him a ton of feedback. And you’re going to blurt it out so you can stay in your orgasmic turn on.

And when you do, he’s going to appreciate the course correction and just say, “OK, Baby,” so you know he does value your helpful response. Because there is no such thing as failure. If he’s hungry for your feedback so he can pleasure you more, everyone wins.

Every day you are different. That’s how women are. Sometimes we want it rough and naughty, sometimes we want to be held and kissed deeply and sweetly. Sometimes the spot is here, sometimes there.

That’s the beauty of women. We are creatures of remarkable sexual range…

Once our lover makes it okay to be that way. And, “OK, Baby,” helps us express our natural scope of ebbing and flowing sensation and desire.

Try this feedback mechanism to dial your sex life in to extraordinary peaks.

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And let me know how it works for you and your man, will you please? Post your comments right now and tell me your thoughts.

Remember that men respond to a steady stream of appreciations. So tell him what he’s doing RIGHT in as many ways as you can, as often as it feels right to you to do so.

A balance of course corrections and appreciations is the way to increase pleasure.

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