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Heart-Melting Intimacy Technique You Can Use When You’re Feeling Afraid

I call it, “The Best Hug in the World.”

This is the third excerpt from the “Lost Chapter” (the publisher deemed it too risqué) of Arielle Ford’s new book, “Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.”

To catch you up in case you missed it:

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And as promised, here is a heart-melting intimacy technique you can use when you’re feeling afraid.

I call it The Best Hug in the World technique.

Lie on your bed together. She nestles comfortably in your arms. Take time to use pillows for support so you can both completely relax. Pull her close and really hold her. Let her rest your head on your shoulder or chest.

Don’t say anything until you are completely relaxed with each other. Just breathe together in your embrace and notice how your heartbeats slow down. As you inhale and exhale together, you will start to co-regulate your bodies. You both have a calming effect on the other. As your nervous systems start to decelerate, tension is released.

Be careful not release your embrace as she relaxes.  Instead, as she relaxes in your arms, he pull her just a little closer to you.  You don’t want to be stiff. Leave room to move and adjust, but keep in mind that this is to be an incredibly loving, nurturing, safe, healing embrace that lasts as long as you both want. She will let you know when she’s complete. Give yourselves plenty of time to see how restored you can both become.

You will feel yourselves achieving new levels of relaxation, perhaps the most loving and calm you’ve ever been together. It’s as rewarding for the man to be the bastion of secure love as it is for her to be the object of his loving. That masculine feminine dynamic of protector and protected is a fundamental turn on for couples.

It’s from this loving point that you can begin sharing appreciations and opening your hearts to each other.  Be open to the possibility of a full-body orgasmic release from being held in this manner.

Once you’ve had that soul connected embrace you’ll feel sweetened and refreshed enough to either move into kissing or sensual massage unless there’s something in the air that needs to be cleared.

Let their be enough love and space for a discussion to be had. Trying to move into sex when there’s something on your or your lover’s mind is a recipe for disconnected sex. Couples that withhold and gloss over, or sweep issues under the rug cannot be sexual soul mates.

If you are reading this and would LOVE to have a hug like this, you can ask for it and show your partner how you want them to hold you. You can also do this with a friend. It’s not just a lover’s technique, it’s a human technique.

Arielle: That is a great technique, Susan. I can’t wait to get home to my soul mate and try it!

Here are more articles if you want to get REALLY good at giving and receiving, “The Best Hug In The World.”

Please try this hug and email me back and let me know what it was like for you.

Often when I have a couple try this hug it takes them some time to even get comfortable enough to truly relax together without rushing it.

Click here if you want to grab a copy of my darling friend Arielle Ford’s newest book. ==>  “Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.”

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  1. The best hug in the world. I hope to use this technique. I want to thank you for the efforts and information you share with us. And thanks for the introductory info. Some of us need this starting point, esp. as a widow now feeling attraction to another man.
    I appreciate having access to this wealth of information as A Senior citizen, I am not ready to give up the physical passion and realize that intimacy in the spiritual path is a great way to start!!

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