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“Relationship Magic” Workbook Perfect For Evening Of Couple’s Companionship

“My relationship values are quite a revelation.”

People are talking about my Relationship Values workbook that ranks your top four relationship needs. It’s called, Relationship Magic and I’ve been featured on TV talking about Relationship Magic because it’s such an easy and powerful piece of self-knowledge.

Knowing your 4 core relationship values allows you to be loved that much better. And focusing on your partners top values makes them deliriously happy with you.

I Want To Know My Top 4 Relationship Values  ⇐ Simple Workbook – Profound Results

I’m a Relationship Coach
“I purchased the Relationship Magic workbook from you, which I love! I am implementing into my coaching practice the list that has all the different values to help one determine their core values. Thank you for this excellent asset!” –Cree

Her Needs My Needs
“Relationship Magic is nice. Really nice. And thoroughly thought through. The Workbook is perfect for a companionship evening.” –Bruce


Here’s another email from Theo:

“Hi Susan,

Wonder if you would clarify something?When we attempt to pare the list of our relationship values down to just four, are you referring to the 22 main category heads listed on page 27?

ie:  For instance you list as examples:Relationship Magic eBook

peace of mind
cherished and adored

Cheerfulness is a pretty good fit because it includes laughter.

Belonging appears under Acceptance.

Peace of mind doesn’t show up on any list, although Financial Security shows up under Accomplishment.

Kids does not show up on any list, although Familial Care shows up under Family Focus.

Independence does not show up on any list, although Freedom shows up under Adventure.

Cherished and adored does not show up on any list, although Affection shows up under Passion.

Thanks for any feedback.  This is quite a revelation.” –Theo


Dear Theo,

Just use YOUR words for these feelings. The list inside the downloadable workbook is a representative, but not exhaustive list of all the possible values. Use the list in the book to help you figure out which are your most important FOUR values. I’ve given you words like cheerfulness, but if humor feels like the best word to describe one of the four most important things you value, then use that word. Or use laughter. Or use fun. It’s your value. You make it as accurate as possible for your own life and describing to your partner.

Find out what Cree, Theo and Bruce already know. Discover your relationship values tonight.

Click this link to download your workbook for $9.95 instead of $27:

I Want To Know My Top 4 Relationship Values ⇐ Simple Workbook – Profound Results

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