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The Best Hug In The World – How To

Best Hug

Give her “The Best Hug In The World,”

Try this with your lady when you are lying in bed or on the sofa together.

“I never thought about how I hugged my woman.

Thanks for these specific instructions. I posted them on my mirror.” — Matt D.

Hold her tight, with both of your arms wrapped around her, securely anchoring her.

Pull her close to you — abdomen to abdomen, heart to heart — and then hold her.

Don’t hold her too tight, but hold her tight enough that when she relaxes, she can feel that you really have her safe.

Don’t let go.

Ask her to relax fully in your arms.

Tell her you are not going to let go until she asks you to.

Ask her to relax for you again.

Tell her you love her. Tell her she’s your precious angel.

Tell her you are so glad you are sharing your life with her. Tell her whatever is real for you.

As she relaxes, remind her that you’ve got her, and squeeze her just a little more tightly.

Keep a medium and constant amount pressure on her everywhere your body is touching hers.

Don’t let go.

Don’t release her.

Don’t open your arms.

Encourage her to feel you holding her.

Whisper in her ear in a low, soothing voice your request that she allow herself to relax and feel held by you.

As she relaxes, just keep holding her.

Ask her to relax.

Ask her to just let it all go.

Remind her that you have her completely.

And no matter what you do, do not ease up on the sweet embrace until she asks you to.

This strong, solid, long hug may be the best she’s ever gotten.

Because here’s what happens in most hugs. The minute she relaxes, he thinks it’s a signal to let go.

Don’t let go. Just let her melt in your arms.

And as you’re holding her, think about how much you love this sassy, sweet, delicate, kick-butt creature.

And fill her with love and affection.

Breathe with her.

Match her breath and then slowly deepen your breaths and “breathe her.”

Set the pace of the breathing so her breath slows and deepens and your hearts beat as one.

Feel free to give her plenty of instruction before you start, so she knows you will not let go.

So she knows you are encouraging her to feel really held by her man.

Now that is MANLY.

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13 Responses

  1. I’ve always believed in the 20 second hug as a minimum, and it’s not just put your arms around them. It’s a firm clench so they know that they have been hugged and that it means something. I have had friends who have come to me and said, “I just need a hug, ” knowing that they are getting a full intense hug. Hugs that are a “lean in and pat on the back” don’t mean much and don’t have any staying power. You need to let others know that you care, and what better way than a good intense hug.

  2. Hi! Iam very much interested, eager and impressed with your wide knowledge relating to lovemaking! I truly respect the people who stay strong, when they have every reason to break down. I respect and love your advice. Keep smile! Thanks

  3. This is the kind if hug that I have always longed for. To be held and know that you are the most important thing in your mans life.

    1. Thanks, Eric. I hope you will have a chance to try this very soon with a woman you are close to. This hug can be completely non-sexual and simply nurturing. A friend of mine recently offered to hug a womanfriend who lost her best friend. She needed just to be held. We all do.

    1. Ask for what you want and give your guy very clear instructions so he can give you this hug. He will feel as good giving this to you as you will receiving it.

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