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Be Her Beast, Get Your Mind To Relax, Best Hug In The World, Stand For Yourself

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Here is our link digest to celebrate an amazing New Year with your partner.

Be Her Gentleman AND Her Beast
If you feel you are, then you are like most
great men today, but this nice guy mentality
can be a double-edged sword. Being the nice
guy can dull the passion of a hot love life.
How To Get Your Mind To Relax So You
Can Enjoy Lovemaking

Thoughts about everyday life can muscle their
way in and intrude on the passion you
want to create together.

The Best Hug In The World –
How To

Give her “The Best Hug In The World.”
Try this with your lady when you are lying in
bed or on the sofa together.


In today’s culture, we are led to believe
that having an intimate marriage
means the couple is aligned as one
unified force, with the same preferences and
views of the world.

And next week, we are going to start 2013 with a bang! Watch out for these hot topics:

– The Benefits of Cheating
– Let Her Just Lie There
– The “Make Out” Massage
– Reach Around And Cup His Buried Shaft

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