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Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa

Many women’s vaginal tissues are delicate to the point where they can’t have as much intercourse as they’d like. This is actually caused by a lack of stimulation and blood flow to the area. Sometimes it comes from a lack of sex – no partner, illness, many reasons… Sometimes from hormonal fluctuations where the tissue isn’t getting enough estrogen – especially during menopause.

What ever causes this delicacy, it all falls under the category of tissue atrophy. And this situation can be reversed quite easily with what I like to call, “a vaginal rejuvenation spa treatment.”

What I’m really saying is we gals need frequent genital massages of our vulval tissues… Rubbing and stroking causes the blood to flow to the area.

For a woman who’s vulva is sometimes fragile the #1 thing that helps her tissue become more resilient and able to enjoy the friction of coitus is genital massage.

If you’re her lover, you can give her this exquisite pleasure.

If you are the lady whose genitals require careful handling, you can ask your lover for this special treat.

Here’s what you do to make a Vajayjay Rejuvenation Spa experience. (scroll down)

First, arrange yourselves comfortably on the bed in the Expanded Orgasm “DO Position.”

Have some warmed organic coconut oil and towels ready.

Start massaging her belly and thighs. Then, slowly work your way in toward her vestibular bulbs and mons pubis.

You want to give your guy a lot of feedback about speed and pressure, ladies.

Every time he gives you this Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa massage experience you’re going to want different strokes, so just guide him to what feels best in each moment.

Guys, your goal is to get her vulva all loose and almost gelatinous feeling.

Think about making the skin all around the outside of her vulva like wiggly jello.

As she relaxes and loosens up, you can ask her to invite your fingers inside.

If her vaginal canal feels like it has ridges, or it’s hard rather than supple, just slowly, slowly, slowly work on the tissue until it is pliable.

The more you do this massage, the more engorged her genitals will be.

Having engorged genitals will make intercourse feel marvelous and will make a woman more easily orgasmic as well.

And though you are welcome to return the favor to your guy, because massaging his genitals has the same positive effect of bringing blood flow, engorging his erectile tissue and helping him have more erectile function…

I don’t recommend that the Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa massage be a “quid pro quo.”

Don’t make it a tit-for-tat. Avoid the idea that he does you and then you do him.


If you have to DO him after he’s gotten you all relaxed, you won’t be able to surrender to the pleasure completely.

Try and separate these massage experiences.

That way he won’t be giving you this genital massage to “get sex.” It takes the pressure off of you two.

There are seven nights in every week.

Why not make one night a 30-minute Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa appointment for her?

And then he can anticipate another night where he gets a genital massage of his manhood?

The goal is not to have orgasms. The intention is to bring blood flow and health to your tissue.

This will build on itself and increase your turn on for each other without any pressure.

If you want to take your body to the next level of sensual pleasure, I highly recommend Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.


This is a stroking technique that allows a lover to bring a woman to an ever-increasing level of orgasmic pleasure.

Expanded Orgasm has been called, “The 30 Minute Orgasm.”

Essentially how it works is the clitoral stroke is so light and right on the perfect spot that a woman can have a series of stacking, ever-expanding orgasms all linked in a row like a flight of stair steps.

Instead of one climax, you as a the woman have many easy orgasms that all feel linked together.

Here’s what Multiple Orgasms look like:


Here’s what Expanded Orgasms look like:

Expanded Orgasmic ProgressionEXPANDED ORGASMS

There are videos which show you the strokes inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.

There are also 21 Sandbox Dates — twenty one couples “exercises” for sexual learning dates. (Take three weeks or three years to do them… no hurry… they all add to your lovers’ skills as a couple.)

If you and your partner are a couple who will do these Vaginal and Manhood Rejuvenation Spa massages together, then you would also benefit from doing the 21 couples Sandbox dates together.

You can go here and learn all about how Expanded Orgasm works.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ 30 Minute Orgasm From Unique Clitoral Stroke

If your man loves to stroke you… If you are a woman who is comfortable receiving incredible pleasure…

You will like having an Expanded Orgasm practice together.

And you know what?

The best thing about sex is that it always gets better.

The more you learn, the more you know, the more pleasure you have.

So check out Expanded Orgasm as a possible new experience you can have.

And feel free to email me any questions at all about the massage, the Expanded Orgasm practice, anything!



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6 Responses

    1. I find that when a woman has a nice hot shower it helps the body become relaxed and ready. I massage the labia , large and small, in stages. Every now and then I gently rub the clit.. I never give the an orgasm but I allow them to feel the path to it. After the Labia are beet red I work my way into the vaginal cannel and massage deep and steady. I work from inside deep to opening and then use my thumbs to stretch her. after a few trip thru her I find her G spot and rub slowly and softly and increase the pressure. As she is becoming aroused and close I use my palm on her vulva an clit and move my palm with firm circular motions until she feel ready. I tell women to hold it ” for me ” and they will. when they beg the first time I tell them to cum bay cum hard and long as I continue to do the G spot and palm massage. You can keep a woman Cumming for minutes..

      Now the most important part. Hold her, wrap a blanket around her, tell her to cry but make her safe and secure and tell her she is loved. I am happy when she is content and glowing. Thank you Kenneth

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