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Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

This email is for guys. However, women can also benefit from understanding some of what men fear most in their relationships. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll want to read this. 

Listen, if it’s been more than a few days since you’ve had fulfilling intimacy and romantic dates with your wife…

Read this email from Nolan, who is struggling with fears about taking action to get his wife to desire him physically and emotionally again. 

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“Dear Susan,

Thank you for all the emails, encouragement, and helpful insight. I am sorry that I didn’t purchase the Revive Her Drive.

I’m not sure why but your question… “what is holding you back,” has been knocking around in my head for a good few hours now, and I’d like to answer that.”

“FEAR — fear of failure, fear of keeping up, fear that my wife would find out, fear that she’d disapprove — fear of spending money also comes into it somewhere, too, and for me at this moment in time, things are tight. I also gave over access/running of the family finances – so she’d see a chunk of cash gone and ask about it.

I will admit to being so disappointed with myself. You and your “followers” have highlighted my feelings and desires so often in such great detail I feel that I could have written them all.

I just wanted to answer your question, as much for myself (to put it into words) as to provide feedback.

Thanks for the emails and offers.




Dear Nolan,

It is scary to go against your wife, especially if, over the years, you ceded power as you have done with finances and much of the day-to-day decision-making.

You thought you were making it more accessible, but you tipped the power balance such that now she wears the pants – but without that penis inside those pants — there’s no dynamic leadership in your marriage.

But that is EXACTLY why the incredible mental and emotional support you will receive from listening to the audios and reading the short workbooks will help.

When I created Revive Her Drive to help husbands understand how to get their wives to want to get intimate again, I understood how gutting and debilitating it is for a man not to feel physically and emotionally desired by his wife.

I wouldn’t tell your wife you purchased RHD if I were you. It will open a rat’s nest of anger and send you reeling backward. Think of Revive Her Drive as the education you SHOULD have gotten about how to be the husband a wife wants to have a hot, passionate romance with forever, but there was nobody to explain it to you until you luckily met me.

Check Out Revive Her Drive ⇐ Bring Back And Ignite Passionate Romance 

I would listen and read the program privately and take in all that is explained — especially about polarity. That will be a crucial area of growth and confidence-building for you.

Learn the four elements of revival. Put step one into practice and watch her respond. Stealth-mode measures will not trigger her notice. She will start LIKING you better, and if you get to step four, she will desire you again.

Educate yourself, and you will find that you have less fear. The fear comes from not knowing what to do.

I encourage you to take this step, not because your order will make or break my business, but because my passion is HELPING husbands who are exactly like you – bound in chains because you don’t know what to do.

I have hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited stories from husbands and boyfriends worldwide who have changed their intimate dynamics following the four elements of revival.

Listen, if it’s been more than a few days since you’ve had fulfilling intimacy and romantic moments with your wife, then you NEED to get the Revive Her Drive system.

The #1 reason guys hold back is that they think their wives will get mad at them.

I have one thing to say:


You can do everything in Revive Her Drive without talking to her about it.

And you will see her respond to you in ways you never imagined!

No matter what your age, how long you’ve been married…

Check Out Revive Her Drive ⇐ Bring Back And Ignite Passionate Romance 

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