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Pick Up Trick for BIG MEN

Genius! “Very impressive.”

This is a picture of my single friend, Curt. That’s me on the right and I’m standing 6’3″  at least in my heels.

Curt is a BIG MAN.

And Curt has GAME.

Here’s one of his brilliant pick up strategies you can use yourself… (scroll down)


So Curt wears this GIANT watch on his left arm. You can’t see how big it is in this photo very well, but just the face of it is probably about 4” across. And the metal bracelet is big and heavy.

Curt’s watch is remarkable.

So much so that almost every woman he flirts with says something about his giant watch.

That is Curt’s queue to take it off and place it on the girl’s wrist.

He calls out how BIG it is.

Then he shows her his size 15 feet.

Then he slides the watch up her arm above her elbow where it’s still bigger than her arm.

Then he shows her how big his hands are and why this giant watch stays on his wrist.

By that time the girl is thinking about how GIANT his penis must be and she’s starting to salivate.

This technique works for Curt again and again.

It’s simple, fun, he gets to touch the girl a lot and it’s an intimate conversation which more often than not leads to some great sex.

If you’re a big guy, this might just make you a big, happy guy like Curt.

Here is the funniest part of Curt’s Big Watch Antics… The watch doesn’t even keep time! He literally wears another watch on his other wrist. And you don’t even notice.

Hahahah! I do love you guys and what you come up with to get laid.

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