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Do Kegel Exercises For Men Work? (Mailbag)

Read on to learn about kegel exercises for men.

“Dear Susan:

I appreciate you being so open and answering my questions in the past, so THANK YOU! I have some questions about the use of kegel exercises for men. 

Are they even necessary, and do they work? Is it worth the effort to exercise them daily? Reading about the prostate and the UroLift procedure taught me about devices that are supposed to exercise the muscles electronically for you. Devices like the K-Fit toner or TensCare Perfect PFE MEN Pelvic Floor Exerciser. Do these devices work? Is it worth it to even purchase them? I have also read about a device used in medical offices that you sit on that is supposed to electronically stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to strengthen them but at a much higher rate.

Just looking for your professional take on these devices. Many of them look to be inserted anally, which grosses me out—wondering what you know about these devices. Or do regular manual kegel exercises work as well? THANKS!” — Danny (not his real name) 



Hi Danny,

Thank you for a series of excellent questions.

Let’s break this down into two parts: the prostate and the pelvic musculature.

First, there is prostate care. That is a muscle and gland at the base of your penis, above your testicles. It mixes your sperm in your semen and is responsible for much of the force of your ejaculation.

Your urethral tube runs through it, ferrying urine from your bladder down your penis to exit your body.

The prostate can get inflamed as you age, creating urinary issues. By the time men reach their 40s, early-stage prostate enlargement may start leading to aggravating urinary effects, including:

  • Having more frequent urges to urinate.
  • Not being able to empty your bladder as well as before.
  • A weak or interrupted urine stream.
  • Problems getting a good night’s sleep.
A bigger prostate can impede urine flow by blocking or squeezing the urethra.

This is NOT cancer. This swelling is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. I inventory Dr. Judson Brandeis’ SPUNK supplement to help men support prostate health to avoid these pee problems.

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Many men also get prostate cancer later in life, which I believe is mainly tied to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

You have muscles that help control everything from urine flow to ejaculatory force to your ability to pleasure a partner during sex with movement.

The wisdom of our forebears says that prostate massage or “milking” is a healthy way to keep the prostate in good order. You can see my videos here with Dr. Riley, a prostate masseuse, my videos with Dr. Amy Killen on prostate health, and with Dr. Judson Brandeis board-certified urologist on GAINSWave and other technologies for prostate issues.

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The Kegel exercisers go up your rectum to strengthen your muscles. Prostate massage tools (see my videos above on my recommendations for remote control vibrating prostate massagers) go up your rectum to stimulate the prostate if you don’t have access to a professional prostate masseuse.

The prostate is also called, The P-Spot in men. It’s considered an erogenous area and the seat of a powerful orgasm. The prostate can be stimulated solo or in conjunction with penile pleasuring. The prostate and penis are stimulated simultaneously and are called a Blended Orgasm. Men who have them LOVE them as they feel pretty powerful. Here is my article on each:

Read This Article ⇐ The Blended Orgasm

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I know you said you don’t like the idea of the “anal insertion” of devices. But I’d like to encourage you to explore your back door if you’re willing to overcome some negative programming that is not serving you and is distancing you from loving your own body and having more pleasure.

The Emsella Chair for men is a vibrating chair on which you sit that contracts your pelvic floor muscles. The marketing states that you have the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel contractions in 28 minutes. This is a reasonable technology for weak pelvic musculature.

I recently did a series of EmSculpt sessions to reverse sarcopenia from being a long-haul covid sufferer. I laid in bed so long I had muscle wasting. So before I hired a trainer to work out with me to rebuild my strength, I used the EmSculpt High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to set in a base of power so I wouldn’t hurt myself when I began using resistance bands and weights. I’m glad I did. It gave me core strength I didn’t have.

The Emsella Chair might be a good solution if you have weak muscles and don’t want to open yourself to insert anything in your rectum. Dr. Brandeis, the board-certified urologist I mentioned earlier as the formulator for SPUNK, has one of these chairs in his office and the Emsculpt. He was the friend who encouraged me to try HIFEM for my sarcopenia. He was right about that!

I’d also recommend doing wall squats, bridges, lunges, and other exercises in addition to Kegels. I’d start with practice and then add on the other stuff. There’s no substitute for strength movement!

I hope I’ve answered your questions. Let me know if you have more.

Click Here For SPUNK ⇐ Prevent And Repair Prostate Plumbing Problems Naturally

Click Here For My Videos ⇐ Prostate Health Videos On BetterLover

Read This Article ⇐ The Blended Orgasm

Another Article You Should Read ⇐ G-Spot Orgasm, P-Spot Orgasm, Prostate Orgasms

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