When you and your lover dissolve into one being, lips locked, tongues entwined, bodies wrapped in rapture. . .

Time melts.

Passion flares.

And the more you kiss, the more turned on you both get. . .

This is some mighty fine kissing!

Are you having hot, passionate make out with your woman?

Is she melting in your arms?

Is the way you kiss her turning her on to the point where she wants you with a hunger, an urgency that makes your lovemaking even more sublime?

Are you inside her with your manhood and your tongue, creating that circuit of electricity from genitals to mouth and back around again in one rapturous road trip?

It turns out that women and men kiss for different reasons, according To Dr. Helen Fisher, leading authority on love and attraction. See more specifics below in the excerpt from her book.

She kisses you to “collect information.” He kisses you to woo you into bed.

Both sexes kiss to become emotionally closer.

If you are not currently having erotic kissing sessions here are my

Passionate Kissing Tips:

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Kissing has a special effects on the brain, as you undoubtedly know.  Kissing stimulates all the senses. When you kiss, you see your partner, as well as smell, taste, hear and feel him or her. The lips have a huge number of neurons that pick up the slightest messages. Then five of the twelve cranial nerves escort these intense sensations to the brain, where they are processed in an impressive factory, the somatosensory cortex. The vast majority of this brain region is devoted to processing sensations from around the nose and mouth– giving your lips and tongue their exquisite sensitivity.Kissing affects more than just your senses, too. It boosts your pulse and blood pressure, dilates your pupils and deepens breathing. Kissing raises levels of oxytocin, the chemical associated with trust and attachment. Kissing also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. So kissing bombards the brain, bringing pleasure and relaxation.It also give you vital information. With this odd habit, we pick up signals about what our partner has been eating, drinking, and smoking, as well as essential data about his or her genetic makeup. Moreover, saliva contains information about certain genes in the immune system. We are naturally drawn to those with a slightly different immune system– most likely to produce genetic variety in our young. And as you kiss your partner, you unconsciously pick up these crucial data. The smell of a woman’s breath and saliva changes across the menstrual cycle, too, broadcasting the extent of her fertility.Women report that they kiss a new partner primarily to collect information. Men, however, use kissing differently. With their smooching, they hope to woo a woman into bed. Their hopes are founded in biology. A man’s saliva is loaded with testosterone, the hormone that triggers sexual craving. Perhaps this is why men like wetter kisses than women do. The sloppier the kiss, the more testosterone the man transmits.Both men and women say that kissing brings them emotionally closer to their partner–at least a good kiss does. Tender; passionate; considerate: people tend to reason that a sensitive kisser will be a suitable partner, spouse and co-parent. However, an unpleasant first kiss can kill a budding relationship. In a recent study of 58 men and 122 women, 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they have ended romance after the first kiss. It was, for them, the kiss of death.Over 90 percent of people around the world kiss. And in cultures where men and women find kissing disgusting, lovers lick, rub, suck, nip and blow on each other’s faces prior to copulation. All kinds of other creatures kiss also or caress around the mouth. Bonobos, our closest chimp relatives, kiss with a deep tongue kiss. Dogs lick. Moles rub noses. Elephants put trunks into one another’s mouths. Albatross tap their bills together. Kissing is natural.But because a kiss can start (or end) a partnership, think before you kiss. — Dr. Helen Fisher, “Why Him? Why Her?”


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  1. thanks Susan..your way of of telling the info is great… can you share new ways or ideas for cunnilingus..or eating pussy as common name is if you have article or video on proper way of doing both fellatio and cunnilingus.. it will be great for adding in live of a couple

  2. Have any ideas for pre-foreplay foreplay? I mean little things that you may do at home or in public that won’t necessarily be conspicuous, but have her
    smokin’ hot by the time you’re ready for actual foreplay?

  3. Me gusta besar todo de la cabeza a los pies y decirle cuanto me gusta cada parte de su cuerpo y cuan hermosa es que estoy agradecido con Dios por juntar nuestros caminosy que es lo mas maravilloso de mi vida.Gracias

  4. Thank you Susan for helping me become a better lover. I m in a dilemma , I m dating this woman that is the sweetest person in the world! We think alike and share many interests and I love her for that. However, her kissing does not electrify my mind. I can recall a beautiful kissing experience with a gal that blew my mind while I was driving my car. I had to swerve it back on the road to avoid going down the side of the road. So if I don t enjoy kissing with a woman, then what do I need to do? My heart aches whenever I m thinking I m with someone else.

    1. Hi Doug,
      Hardly anyone is born a great kisser. And lovers get better at kissing as they have more time together. So I’d suggest you start slowly kissing her like you enjoy and see if she responds. Just assume she doesn’t have much practice. Bring all your passion to the kissing. Go very slowly. Make sure you are warming her up mentally before you start kissing her. And run your hands all over her body as you kiss her.

      Practice makes perfect.

      Give her a chance to get good.


  5. I love kissing and can definitely make a meal of it. I love this article. You make so many good points. All I would add is this : – If you’re standing and you are taller than her, use one hand to support her head and neck. The position she’s holding to bring her lips to yours is very tiring and can become painful. As pointed out earlier in the article, a woman likes to be well and firmly held and secured during kissing. I love it when my man has me so securely that I can just let go into bliss.

  6. This is a great article, but I agree that I would like to see more from a woman’s point of view, such as the woman initiating and directing the hot make out session, being on top of the guy, growling with pleasurable sounds and making him want her more,etc. It’s helpful, and true, what women want – slow, to be held, touched in different places, feel secure. What do men want and need – other than hopping into bed for sex – and how can women give that to them like in a hot make out session? Your articles are very helpful and informative. It’s always helpful to give tips and ideas to guys and what they can do for us, but I would like to see more about women in charge romantically and sexually, and taking the initiative. How confidence-building and empowering that is for us! Thanks for all you do. Really appreciate it!

    1. A couple of ideas for you, Judy.

      How about wearing lingerie around the house?
      A slow, tantalizing strip tease?
      An incredible hand job with warm coconut oil?
      Or a sex date where you lead the way?

      I’m sure men and women alike will add their ideas to this list…

  7. The one thing you left out about passionate kissing is lip biting, I don’t mean actual biting, but while passionate kissing a nice soft bite on her bottom lip, and even sucking on them as well. I am in the process of a divorce from a woman who hating kissing, which was always a big deal for me, if you can’t or don’t kiss on a romantic level there is no hope for you relationship to last, we had much deeper issues but I felt like we could never connect without kissing. I have since met a wonderful woman from an online dating site, my profile stated “if you don’t like to and are not a good kisser than that is a deal breaker”. I am so thankful that I had put that on there, since this woman turned out to be the be the best kisser I have ever had the pleasure of kissing. We have the most passionate kissing sessions and it is been life changing to say the least. The connection that it allows you to have with your partner is greater than anything else, it also lends itself to having amazing sex with your partner since you are connected on an entirely different level.

  8. I tried kissing my fiance this way when I picked her up from work this lunchtime. I have never seen her so aroused. For the first time ever , She actually begged me to make love to her, there and then, in the back of my car, in her office carpark.Judging by her yells and squawks, I would say that she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. And, as an added bonus, all the way home she could not stop chatting about how wonderful it would be if she got pregnant as a result og our “Lunchtime Snack”. Thank you

  9. I absolutely adore kissing and could make out for hours. I totally agree with Dr. Helen Fisher when she says that a woman can tell a lot about a man by how he kisses and yes – I have decided not to see a man anymore if I did not like the way he kissed.

    Taking things slowly is definitely the way to go – having a town stuck way down my throat right away is a turn off. I also really like having my cheek gently touched and feeling the man’s hand behind my neck gently rubbing and massaging me while I am being kissed.

    Thank you for your great articles. I just wish that more of them were from the woman’s point of view.

  10. Thank you! I appreciate all of your articles but especially this one, as it helped me remember some of my long-forgotten techniques, and gave me new ones! I love my wife very much, but I had taken some things for granted, such as being more attuned and sensitive to her responses. We men, when we’re young overlook many of the important details you brought to light. Being clean-shaven, smooth-faced, properly groomed, having trim, snag-free nails, fresh breath, appropriately cleansed, NOT maloderous in any fashion are all swept aside by the young male mind intent on the pursuit of penetration! How foolish!
    Some men are slow on the uptake, therfore depriving their mates (and themselves!) of much pleasure.
    I had to learn through trial and error, via multiple embarrassments and disappointments because resources such as yours did not exist; praise God you do now!
    I sincerely appreciate your efforts and look forward to more of your enlightenment and edification!
    Thank You!

  11. Also try very gently hardly touching a woman’s eyelashes. This is known as a butterfly kiss. Just going back and forth is very erotic to a woman. Brushing your lips across her eyebrows or her eyelashes also is pleasurable to a woman.

  12. Wow, you left out ears
    The ear is designed to pick up the subtlest sensations, so if this is one way you want to send your guy skyward, remember that less is truly more, says Sándor Gardos, Ph.D., sexologist at Mypleasure.com. Place your lips an inch away from his ear and release a slow sigh, which will tantalize his nerves without going overboard. Then take his earlobe between your lips and gently tug. This will pull at, and indirectly stimulate, the nerve endings inside the ear. “These nerves are almost never stimulated, so you’ll really blow his mind when you do this,” says Gardos. Awakening this new erogenous zone will send sexy shivers rippling throughout his entire body.

  13. Really new to our society where kissing is not our culture.
    Send in those e-books. it would bring difference in our love making in our traditional lovemaking for 37 years! We may renew ourselves.

  14. These tips are quite rewarding and they make a totally different better world. Thanks, and and may I have the ebooks please.

  15. very accurate! Eye contact is especially important. Only thing I would add is he should run his fingers through her hair. petting her face and brushing her hair from her face will make her feel precious and adored.

  16. Love the article, but I have a question…when you say our heartbeats should “syncopate”, don’t you mean “synchronize”?

  17. Great piece Dr, have nothing to add really. But will like to have the three ebooks written by Dr. Thank you.

  18. I have found that the key element is to NOT rush things. Take it very slowly guys. You have a lifetime, why spoil it?

  19. Thanks for these great tips… you won’t mind if I pass a few of these along to the readers of my sex blog for men, will you?
    Women are not always the best at communicating what we need from men so it’s always good to give the guys a tip or two… 😉

  20. Not much to add. What and how it was stated was spot on. Learned this way as you explained many years ago. Not sure if I could add anything useful.

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