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Multiple Orgasm 3 Steps

It’s easy once you know what is holding your lady back from experiencing the bliss of coming over and over again.

Every woman is physically capable for coming for hours straight.

Every man is able to come a woman for hours.

Hi Sloane,

I thought the Making Her Multi-Orgasmic webinar was brilliant, thanks! I can’t believe how much free information you give away.

Me and my partner have been through a rough patch for about a year now and didn’t have sex at all in that period! In fact, she was saying she wanted to leave me.

Things are starting turn around, although she’ll only orally pleasure me at the moment, I did play with her clitoris the other day while she was giving me a blow job — so she’s kinda open to getting the ball rolling again. KINDA and VERY SLOWLY!

I don’t think she’s ever had multi orgasms in her life. She always comes when we have had sex, but just once.
Any advice?

Lots of Love,
Alex L., UK

Hi Alex,
I’d suggest three steps to help her become multi-orgasmic:

  1. Remove her relationship roadblocks
  2. Reframe her beliefs around her orgasmic abilities
  3. Follow my multi-orgasm roadmap

3 Steps To Her Multiple Orgasms


The first thing you want to do is make sure your entire relationship is emotionally healthy. If your woman isn’t completely happy with her relationship with you, she will not want to give herself freely during lovemaking.

The single best way to ensure that you are meeting her needs is to do the Relationship Magic Workbook exercise. <=== watch the video to see exactly how easy this is.

Once you are meeting eachothers’ needs, which is easy, once you do this exercise, you will know there is no emotional roadblock.


Many women think they are only capable of one orgasm.

Other women believe one is enough because they get clitoral sensitivity from stroking too hard in the same place. (Vibrators are often the culprit for desensitizing a woman’s vulva.) Learn how to awaken more neural pathways of sensation by spending more time engorging her entire vulva, so that she can start to enjoy various kinds of orgasms from clitoral to vaginal to nipplegasms and especially for your gal, because she’s orally inclined, the mouthgasm. (more on that in The Blow Job Secret)

Find out what SHE thinks about her single orgasm. Once you uncover her limiting beliefs or any issues that are standing in her way of having more pleasure, you can work around them or quell her misinformation. Education, especially female anatomy bedroom lessons are helpful for women who have never even looked at their own genitals.

Take time to discover and familiarize her with her pleasure spots. The more you seek them the more you find them. This kind of masculine sexual leadership gives her the confidence you can guide her toward more pleasure.


I suggest you two try Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is a couples program developed for us by Dr. Patti Taylor. It teaches a system that gets a woman to come over and over in increasingly more pleasurable orgasmic contractions. The nickname of this system is “The 30 Minute Orgasm.”

The strokes you’ll learn together through the 21 Erotic Playdates outlined in the program show you how you can prevent clitoral fatigue and continue to take her higher and higher into more orgastic sensation. The Erotic Playdates can be done anytime you two want to have a learning date together. This is a couples sexual project — you are beginning as beginners together — so it takes away the pressure on her because you are also gaining new skills.

The one thing I will tell you is DO NOT DEVIATE from the Expanded Orgasm structure until you have her coming for a half hour. The stroke techniques in this online video course have been perfected for nearly 50 years and will work if you rely on them.

The bottom line, Alex, is that you must figure out how to come her with multiple orgasms if you want to get to the point where she is asking you for sex. An Expanded Orgasm practice lets you fill her up with orgasms from all those years she’s been missing her god-given right to pleasure. When you can lead her to her orgasmic potential, your relationship will be on firmer ground generally. When you start by getting on terra firma with the Relationship Magic exercise, you can then layer in the Expanded Orgasm practice.

Please do not skip the Relationship Magic piece or you will not get where you want to go.

Emotional safety comes first for women.

Thanks again for asking. This is a very common question.

Lotsa Love Back,

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Andrew, In response to your question . Speaking for myself as a woman, I’ve been learning how to Please the man in my life. Its an ongoing pleasurabe process. My ex was very exploratory and aware of my need for orgasms, we had great sex. My new guy is not so good at sex but I still enjoy him because he’s open to learning what pleases me and I return the favor by sharing what i know and learning how to please him better. This may be what Sloane means.Most guys don’t take enough time to satisfy their woman ,only worry about getting theirs, then wonder why the woman is not interested in sex with them. It takes 2 highly motivated people to have great sex.
    Best Regards,

  2. I like what I’ve read.
    I have a question though. I keep reading from every site I’ve been on about how men must learn to pleasure a woman. Or as you put it, “Her god given right to pleasure.”
    That’s fine, men need to learn what to do to give their woman what she needs and deserves.
    But do you think that men have a god given right to pleasure also? And do you think women need to learn how to pleasure their man? Or do you think that women are naturally great lovers and it’s only men that need to learn?
    Men can be multi orgasmic too. Why are there no lessons for women to help their man achieve this?

    Thank you Sloane,

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