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Beyond Multi-Orgasmic: Women Who Have Trained Their Bodies To Achieve Maximum Orgasmic Potential

women who have multiple orgasms

Think about how men experience their orgasms — the way they try to have as slow a build up as possible — so you they explode at the end, satisfied, without coming too soon.

Men have one (maybe two if they’re practiced) climaxes where they ejaculate and are spent.

Women have a completely different orgasmic footprint. Here’s how it works for women who have practiced and trained their bodies to leverage their maximum orgasmic potential. 

Women can literally start coming before you’re even in the room. Women can stay in an orgasmic state, doing what you’d call “climaxing” FOR HOURS. We are not just multi-orgasmic. Because when we say that to you, you probably think we are climaxing over and over. We can stretch the moment of climax out. Remember the “taffy” analogy I frequently use? Taffy Stretching

Think about stretching out time like taffy – you are on that cliff just before you climax and “go over” but millions of women the world over are staying in that state – that moment when it feels exquisite – and staying there, hanging out there, holding themselves in the orgasmic sensation and continuing to come and come and come.

The reason you are missing this point is because you’ve never seen a demonstration of a woman in an Expanded Orgasm. So you continue to think about female orgasm from the context of male orgasm. I can’t blame you for your past thinking, it’s just using common sense to look at her orgasmic potential from the frame of reference of your own. Tell me. Does this story below sounds anything like what you think is the pinnacle of lovemaking? If it does, today is the day you are letting go of your outmoded understanding of how much pleasure you can give her.

TRUE STORY “We spent all day in bed… my favorite point was probably mid-afternoon, when I went down on her for about an hour… and every time she’d get close to an orgasm, I’d slow down. So it built… and built… and built. After about an hour of that, I positioned her over one of the wedges we bought this last year, and slowwwwly slid into her from behind. I grabbed one of our bullet vibes, and just kept building – in speed for me and the vibrator. When she came, I think we scared the neighbors. :)”

If you are going down on her without her coming pretty much the entire time… If you are slowing down when she gets close to coming… If you are holding off making her come … You are missing TONS OF PLEASURE.

You are frustrating her for no reason. You can build and build on the orgasms she’s having the whole time you are doing her. Believe me, Expanded Orgasm is a couples practice that teaches you vital strokes that will have her coming for hours. You begin together, she learns how to feel the strokes that hold her in bliss. You learn how to deliver those strokes to her and hold her in bliss. Once you teach her how with your hands, she’ll start coming the same way from oral and intercourse. This is a technology. It’s a system for coaxing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to work together to stair-step her into orgasmic rapture. It’s based on a simple stroke that lets you find “her spot” every time you touch her, even though “her spot” moves around, not just every day, but even during your lovemaking date.

Want to know the stroke technology that will let your woman come under your hands, then tongue, then penis, and keep getting better throughout the rest of your lives? Giving a woman Expanded Orgasms is as easy as moving your fingertip in small strokes. You just need to know what to do. That’s why I created the online home study course called, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is what you discover, together, through 21 hot dates where I give you one new thing to learn together so that she is coming in these extended, ever-increasingly pleasurable orgasmic sessions. In addition to the couple’s 21 play dates, you can also watch my stroke-by-stroke video of a real man and woman having an Expanded Orgasm date as I tell you, play-by-play, exactly what to do. Isn’t it wonderful that the Internet lets us spread the word about the latest in female orgasmic physiology so you can have this experience together and know that as a couple, YOU are at the leading edge of female orgasmic potential?!? It’s time to maximize her orgasmic abilities. I know you can do it. And I’m right here to support your learning, every step of the way.

Let’s get started/ Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

If you don’t understand what I mean by this, post your comments below and I’ll respond.

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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  1. I listened to the interview with Maverick ??? and heard him attribute his success in giving many women extended orgasms to the methods you teach in your course plus quite a lot of practice on women who learned of his ability to keep women in extended bliss and wanted to have that experience with him in what he called play dates. I have a question for you. In addition to your course what other resources will I need to acquire to be able to replicate Maverick’s success besides the obvious women subjects and a lot of practice? I am extremely interested in your course and mastering the techniques you teach.

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