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Make Love To Her Like A MAN… The Key To Intense Physical Intimacy

how to make make love to a woman

As your raging young man hormones slip away, you have the choice to mature your lovemaking style.

You have the option to shift out of horniness and into desire.

Boys have sex, men make love.

Boys focus on “getting off,” men focus on co-creating an intimate, satisfying experience.

Boys perform, they keep an eye on how they look while in the act.

Men get lost in the bliss of connection, allowing themselves and their lover to be vulnerable.

If you want to mature your lovemaking and deepen your intimacy with your partner(s) you must stretch beyond who you have been and become who you want to be.

Let the connection you have with your lover dictate the sexual things you do together, instead of following a formula you think you should be doing.

And don’t play it safe by asking your partner what she wants to do. Don’t make her take the risk so you don’t have to “be wrong.”

The key to intense sex and intimacy is when you let the connection between you determine your sexual activities.

Get out of your box. Be in the moment with your woman. Let go of your attachment to a specific outcome. Let go of the goal of climax.

When you touch your partner, bring to your touch the best man inside you. The best man inside you is not afraid, not ashamed of his desire and not inadequate. The minute you focus on technique, you are out of connection with your lover and in your own head. Stay in the emotional connection, rather than relying on technique.

Have sex WITH your lover.

This wisdom is paraphrased from David Schnarch, PhD, author of Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships.

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To Your Manliness!

With love,
Sloane Fox

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