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Your Hunger for Intimate Union

Intimacy Hunger For Intimate Union

We’re driven by something that makes us look like we crave intimacy, but in fact, we’re after something else…

We want someone else to make us feel acceptable and worthwhile.

We’ve assigned the label “intimacy” to what we want, which is external validation by our partner and sharing our vulnerabilities with each other.  Turns out, this keeps intimacy away.

“We’ve distorted what intimacy is, how it feels, how much we really want it and how best to get it. Once we realize that intimacy is not always soothing and often makes us feel insecure, it is clear why we back away from it.” —David Schnarch, PhD. and author of  Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love & Intimacy Alive In Committed Relationships.


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If we use sex and intimacy to feel acceptable and worthwhile consider understanding WHY you’re driven to want more intimacy. This can be pivotal to your growth, not just sexually, but personally.

How are you relating to your spouse or your lover?

Are you revealing too much information about yourself in the hope of having an intimate experience with someone?

David calls marriage “a crucible for personal growth.” Tempered by fire, a marriage can push all your buttons and pull all your triggers. Every button pushed, ever trigger drawn offers a moment of personal insight and opportunity for growth.

And that’s how I think about our work at Personal Life Media. Even though we teach you about sex, it’s really about your overall personal growth.

I know that if Sloane, Dr. Patti, Tallulah and I can help your sex life evolve, your whole life will benefit and the two core programs that will help you achieve the most personal growth are the lifelong passion skills within Revive Her Drive and the couples connection skills within Expand Her O Tonight.

If you want to know how any of our programs might help you personally, feel free to send us your questions.

It’s Time To Feel Acceptable and Worthwhile.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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