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Male P-Spot Orgasms (New Tool)

Did you know the male body can have 20 different orgasms?

You’re familiar with one, the climactic ejaculation. And a lot of guys are satisfied with their one-and-done experience. However, you can experience multiple orgasms, full-body energy orgasms, and P-Spot orgasms, to name a few. 

P-Spot orgasms are incredibly pleasurable due to all the different nerve endings in the prostate area. Stimulating the P-Spot can help men who have trouble achieving climax come again with an intensity they forgot was possible.

For a lot of guys, they can ride the P-Spot orgasms for a long time, turning them into full-body pleasure.

What is the P-Spot? ⇐ This Article Explains How The Prostate Works and How To Find Yours

Prostate Spot


P-Spot tools for men are an exploding market. Guys are embracing prostate care and pleasuring. I’ve looked at ALL the tools and, in the past, had recommended the

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because it has an excellent vibration with a remote control. But the remote was hard to use. I needed to be backlit. And it didn’t have a perineal stimulation feature.

I knew about Aneros from Jim Benson, the creator of our Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program. Jim teaches the ME Breath technique for stamina and recommends the Aneros brand to his vast following.

I finally got hooked up with the Aneros team and got trained. Tim and I have been using the Vice 2 remote-controlled vibrating prostate/perineal stimulator during our lovemaking.

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He inserts it before giving me an Expanded Orgasm date. That way, he’s both pleasuring me and receiving pleasure. And it’s good for his prostate, which I love. His dad has prostate cancer, and I don’t want Tim to get it.

The benefits I love about the Vice 2 are:

  • Prostate and Perineal Stimulation
  • Backlit Remote Control
  • 18 Vibration Patterns
  • A Turbo Button 

When Tim is stroking my clitoris in the Expanded Orgasm practice, and he does something that feels good, I change the vibration pattern. If he does something that feels exquisite, I hit the Turbo button.

Now, instead of telling him it’s feeling great, I can give him feedback he can feel inside himself. That lets me stay in my orgasmic trance state and provide him with feedback.

Aneros Vice 2 ⇐ Get It Here

Susan in Black

— Susan Bratton, “Intimacy Expert To Millions, is a champion and spokesperson for GAINSWave and GAINSWave for Women. She helps people activate their orgasmic potential, become better lovers, and have more pleasurable sex. Author of hundreds of passionate lovemaking techniques, she also offers free reports such as Get Hard Instantly On Command, The Penis Pumping Guide (over 48,000 copies downloaded), and Testosterone and Andropause Explained.

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