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Come With Me: Susan Bratton’s “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge

What do you immediately think of when I say, “20 Kinds of Orgasms”?

I’m talking about the different kinds of orgasms a male and female body can achieve. I’d like you to try to have as many of these orgasms as you can because orgasms are a learned skill. And you can increase the intensity and variety of pleasure you experience just by become aware of the possibility and learning how to achieve each one.

  • Some are orgasms that come from stimulating specific locations
  • There are physical and mental techniques to use
  • You can leverage tools, toys, and objects

There will be solo and partnered options throughout the Challenge. Since your sexual maturation occurs as you age, you keep getting better and better at sex and orgasming throughout your life if you simply put attention on it. Learning new orgasm skills will provide never-ending pleasure for you and your partners.

Each week I give you one or two of the kinds of orgasms a male and female can experience. You can be of any gender expression, but your genitals have a way of operating that’s unique to your XX or XY chromosome.

Challenge #1 of 15: How To Have Insanely Satisfying Clitoral Orgasms and Male Ejaculatory Orgasms with Stamina

Challenge #2 of 15: G-Spot Orgasm, P-Spot Orgasm, Prostate Orgasms

Challenge #3 of 15: The Blended Orgasm

Challenge #4 of 15: Vaginal Orgasm From Penetration For Her And The Heartgasm For Him

Challenge #5 of 15: Buttgasms and The $1 Million Dollar Point Orgasm

Challenge #6 of 15: Female Ejaculation: 3 Types of Squirters

Challenge #7 of 15: Mouthgasms, Throatgasms, Neckgasms, Breathgasms

Challenge #8 of 15: Breastgasms, Nipplegasms, Coregasms aka Bellygasms

Challenge #9 of 15: Expanded Orgasms, Edging Orgasms

Challenge #10 of 15: Energy Orgasms

Challenge #11 of 15: Multiple Energy Orgasms

Challenge #12 of 15: Sex Toy Orgasms

Challenge #13 of 15: Sensation Orgasms, Impact Play Orgasms, Rough Sex Orgasms, D/s Orgasms

Challenge #14 of 15: Erotic Hypnosis, Think Offs, Orgasm Control, Fantasy Orgasms

Challenge #15 of 15: Wildcard

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