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The P-Spot Is HOT!

Did you know the male body can have 20 different kinds of orgasms?

You’re familiar with one, the climactic ejaculation. And a lot of guys are satisfied with their one-and-done experience. However, you can experience multiple orgasms, full-body energy orgasms, and P-Spot orgasms, to name a few. 

P-Spot orgasms are incredibly pleasurable due to all the different nerve endings in the area. Stimulating the P-Spot can help men who have trouble achieving climax come again with an intensity they forgot was possible.

What is the P-Spot?

The “P” stands for prostate. Your prostate is a little walnut-sized gland/muscle between your bladder, the internal base of your penis, and your testicles. The gland creates the semen into which the sperm produced in your testicles mixes to make your ejaculate. And the muscle contracts to push your ejaculate out. As a man ages, he can have urinary issues from prostate inflammation. The force of his ejaculations can diminish, along with a loss of orgasmic intensity. The first signs may be mild frequency, or urgency in peeing, night-time urination, or a slow stream with hesitancy. Sometimes, though, nighttime urination is caused by sleep apnea — so talk to your urologist if you’re having any of these symptoms. Another good idea is leveraging supplements that support the prostate and help your body manage early-stage Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The best of which is SPUNK, a urologist-designed product we carry in our inventory.

The P-Spot is analogous to a woman’s G-Spot. Her “spot” is actually a spongy tissue tube that starts at her urinary exit area and runs up along the roof of her vagina. It feels exquisitely pleasurable to be palpated. The prostate is similar in sexual pleasure feelings. When it is massaged, the P-Spot feels incredibly satisfying and can lead men to an internal orgasm. 

Blended orgasms.

In addition to stimulating the prostate to achieve an internal orgasm, incorporating penis pleasure turns this into a “blended orgasm.” Combining simultaneous prostate stimulation with penile pleasuring can be one of the most intense orgasms a male body can experience. Further, the massaging of the prostate itself is a healthy practice. So you are doing your body good by palpating the gland while experiencing genital pleasure.

How to locate your P-Spot.

Prostate Spot


Your prostate is up inside your rectum as you press forward toward the front of your body. It feels like a little nut. You can activate it with your finger or a tool. Take it slowly, and over time you will feel more pleasurable sensations. Try pressure over movement when you stimulate the prostate and let your body’s feedback guide your manipulation. 

Why is P-Spot pleasure healthy?

Pleasuring the prostate gland can get stagnant fluids moving so that when you ejaculate, your body replaces more of the liquid. If you’re sedentary, prostate massage is even more beneficial. You may have heard of the term “milking the prostate,” simply palpating the gland so that ejaculation moves the fluids out of your body.

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Prostate Orgasm Dr Rylie

P-Spot tools for men.

If you prefer to use a prostate tool instead of your finger, start by finding your prostate with your finger. It will make navigating with the device easier. 

There are two types of tools, vibrating and non-vibrating. Vibrating tools include handheld, wired, and remote-controlled prostate massage tools. The devices come in plastic, silicone, and stainless steel. The stainless steel is made to warm water before insertion and feels very comforting. 

Some tools are curved, so they insert into the P-Spot and cup the perineum, which adds to the overall stimulation. Some of these tools can be worn during partnered sex. And the remote-controlled devices can be operated by your partner or yourself, giving you fun options for dialing up sensation. Some vibrators are buzzy — others are rumbly — you might like both.  

Inserting a P-Spot toy while masturbating and then edging to build stamina can be an extremely pleasurable experience.

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Next steps.

Experiment with a couple of tools to see what you like best. Incorporate this into your partnered play as well as your solo pleasuring practice. Embrace the P-Spot, and you may improve your erectile function, support a good flow of urine, and even help manage the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Best of all, you’ll tap into a new kind of male orgasmic ecstasy… And that’s just good healthy fun.

— Susan Bratton, “Intimacy Expert To Millions, is a champion and spokesperson for GAINSWave and GAINSWave For Her. She helps people activate their orgasmic potential, become better lovers, and have more pleasurable sex. Author of hundreds of passionate lovemaking techniques, she also offers free reports such as Get Hard Instantly On Command, The Penis Pumping Guide (over 38,000 copies downloaded), and Testosterone and Andropause Explained

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