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New! Penis Anatomy Illustrations for Pleasure

I love holding up my women’s vulva illustrations on videos. Showing what’s underneath her skin to show the erectile tissue gives me great joy. Explaining to people that women have as much erectile tissue as men always blow their minds. But I was missing having some gorgeous custom illustrations to showcase the amazingness of the male penis anatomy.


I commissioned brand new men’s genital illustrations and here they are! These illustrations show the parts of the urogenital system that I think are important for having great sex.


Penises are gorgeous. The more of them you see, the more you appreciate them all. I love them circumcised and uncircumcised, the showers and the growers. I love them in all sizes, all colors, and all degrees of grooming.

The hemodynamics of the penile apparatus are miraculous. And the pleasure the penis brings is unparalleled.

I love the sensitive glans, the erogenous frenulum, and the tender testicles. And when a man’s penis has a lot of thick blue veins and lovely red capillaries enervating the shaft, I know that man is in good health. Penis pumps are legendary for giving the penis incredible blood flow. 

Taking FLOW, my blood flow supplement made from organic citrulline will reduce the need for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or other PDE-5 inhibitors. You can stack FLOW with a microdose of sildenafil (generic for Viagra) and skip all the side effects of a full dose of pharmaceuticals.

The Whopper penis pump is a great way to increase blood-carrying capacity, improve performance, and increase pleasure. Add on GAINSWave treatments or get a Phoenix Pro to do your treatments at home and you can have a banging boner till the day you die.

Let’s peek under the hood of the male penis anatomy, shall we? I’m just so excited to share this drawing with you.


First, let’s talk about the spongy, erectile tissue in a man’s penis. Three big tubes run the length of the penis. Half is outside the body, half is inside and tips down toward the testicles.

There are two chambers (blue) called the Corpus Cavernosum along the top. There is one chamber (green) along the bottom through which the urethra (pee tube) runs. The P Shot or Priapus Shot is a sexual regenerative treatment in which healing factors from your blood are injected into these chambers to regrow new tissue.

These three spongy firehoses of pleasure fill up fast with blood and lock off to trap the blood inside. You have to have supple endothelial tissue for it to be stretchy enough to lock the blood in place. The pressure of the blood makes it lock in for an erection. GAINSWave and Phoenix Pro sound wave technologies knock the plaque off the veins of older guys to help them regain this locking action. When the lock won’t hold, it is called a venous leak which is the most common form of erectile dysfunction.


FLOW Nitric Oxide supplements help with vasodilation, which means opening up the floodgates with blood so you get a harder erection.

You can see the Phoenix Pro and FLOW on the left side of my bookshelf, along with the Libido Trio: DESIRE with Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, and Fenugreek. The three bottles are a 90-day daily vitamin-mineral regimen that helps with hormone production and libido and sex drive. DESIRE is made to work with FLOW. They are a sexual vitality system.

You can also take SupporT, a supplement that increases your own body’s free testosterone production. These supplements work well together. You can take a blood test before starting. Then take the supplement for 90-days. Then test again and see how your body’s utilizing the product. That will tell you whether you might want to consider testosterone replacement therapy. Having enough testosterone is crucial for hard erections, confidence, energy, and a lust for life.


Compared to the intricacies of a woman’s erectile tissue system, the penis is a straight shot. So even though she has as much erectile tissue as a male-bodied partner, it takes her vulva longer to get erect. 

Besides, your daily testosterone production makes you horny day in and day out. A woman has a monthly cycle with a 5-day horny window when she most desires sex  She enjoys sex anytime, but she needs more seduction and slow arousal to get her “clitoral erection” ready for pleasure.

That’s why guys need to slow down and spend more time engorging a woman’s vulva. 

The yellow part in the picture is the suspensory ligament. This is the tissue that is gently stretched when using the larger of the two cylinders of The Whopper vacuum erection penis enlargement system. When you put your penis and testicles into the large tube and apply the negative pressure, the vacuum stretches that ligament over the 13-week protocol. This is why The Whopper is the ONLY penis pump I recommend because of many reasons including the fact that the two-cylinder system increases both girth (thickness of the penis) and length.


I love when guys say they can’t believe it’s THEIR penis when they catch a glimpse in the mirror getting out of the shower. I love to empower the penis!

Moving on to the prostate… another seat of pleasure.

The prostate is that magenta mass that looks kind of like a brain. Notice how the bladder above it empties into a y-shaped tube. That tube is the urethra — the pee shoot that runs from the bladder THROUGH the prostate down through the penis. Out of it comes the pee or ejaculate. 

The same as a woman, both sexes pee and ejaculate through the urethral canal or tube. The body can alternate between ejaculate and urine in both men and women. So if a woman is “afraid of peeing” when she’s orgasming, it’s her ejaculate. 


Remember, we all start the same in gestation. Then half of us are bathed in a hormone bath that turns us into men. We have the same parts arranged in a different order. That’s why women have as much erectile tissue as their male-bodied counterparts. But we don’t have the same “hemodynamics.” In a female body, blood doesn’t flow in fast and pop up the clitoral, urethral, and perineal sponges as it does in a penis. It seeps in more slowly. This is why foreplay in the form of vulva massage is the best way to achieve a clitoral erection. Without engorgement, we don’t achieve our pleasure potential.

Men could also improve their erectile function and pleasure set point by focusing more on the internal penile engorgement — not just getting hard the part of the penis that sticks out from the abdomen. Focus additionally on the internal shaft that you can access and stimulate through the base of the penis and under the testicles when you press into the perineal area. Having a hard and engorged penis along its entire length, both inside and out will improve erectile rigidity and pleasure.


Returning your attention to the prostate, notice that it’s like a little brain or walnut. It has ridges. These little nooks and crannies can benefit from being massaged to improve blood flow. Prostate massage stimulates movement and keeps the prostate in good health. As men age, poor nutrition and lack of blood flow can trigger inflammation. The prostate gets swollen and chokes off the urethral tube that runs through the prostate. Men have issues peeing. Some have to pee all night long, and they age faster because of lack of sleep.

We have had great success with SPUNK. Dr. Judson Brandeis, a board-certified urologist created the supplement SPUNK to help reverse men’s urinary issues due to prostate inflammation. I stock this supplement in inventory and have had to keep reordering it for my fans. 

I also have a very good series of videos on about prostate massage, prostate milking, and a review of prostate-pleasuring tools and massagers. The prostate is called the P-Spot because it feels incredibly good when stimulated. Use the search bar at the top to search on the prostate and all the videos will come up.

The blended orgasm, which combines manual or oral stimulation with prostate pleasuring is one of the most intensely pleasurable orgasmic experiences a man can have. Perhaps you can put this on your sexual bucket list?

I hope you enjoyed this little penis lesson today. Please comment under the article if you have questions. I’ll be answering them there.


2 Responses

  1. A great article.
    Would the Kegel method have the same effect at moving prostate fluids similar of that of the video link?
    Basically grateful for any feedback,

  2. A BEAUTIFUL article! And I’m always grateful for the love of you and any women for the penis. while I can’t share the sentiment, I hold the yoni with equally high regard.
    One question: there is a tube in your illustrations from the testes to the bladder? So the normal path of ejaculation is from the testes through the bladder, into the urethra, where it gets an additional contribution of fluid from the prostate?
    I lied: two questions.. you’ve extolled the virtues of prostate massage in reducing an enlarged prostate. Does frequent sex get the same result?

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