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The Banana Diagrams (NEW!)

The Banana Diagrams (NEW!)

A woman has as much erectile tissue in her aroused vulva and genital structure as a man does in his penis.

Warning! This article has a LOT of custom illustrations I’ve had made of the female genitals: The parts. What to touch. How to touch.


When people ask me, “What makes sex great?, I like to start with the body. (Not that the mind isn’t equally important. It is!)

Learning how to pleasure the body is the foundation. Adding bedroom communication comes next.

The key to great man/woman sex is to understand that she has the same amount of erectile tissue as he does.

Yet 95% of her erectile tissue is inside her body, whereas 50% of his erectile tissue is outside his body.

It’s easy to know when he’s aroused. And penile erections happen much more quickly than female internal erections.

Often, the couple uses the signal of his erection to begin intercourse. This usually means a couple is having intercourse too early for her to achieve a full internal erection.

Rushing penetration means she cannot experience the pleasure she is due. This leads to her wanting less intercourse over the years, while he wants as much as he always did.

First, you have to understand how much erectile tissue you have at your disposal.

Next, you have to know where it’s located.

Then you discover how to stimulate it.

Pleasure is felt when the erectile tissue fills up with blood. The blood expands the erectile chambers, increasing the overall size of the tissue.


With increased blood flow, his penis gets bigger. Her clitoral structure —including the erectile tissue inside her body — gets bigger with increased blood flow.

That larger amount of tissue feels more pleasure. More pleasure gets her to orgasm more easily. (Engorgement is the trick to her having penis-in-vagina orgasms!)

A woman has as much erectile tissue throughout her entire genital structure and aroused vulva as a man does in his penis.

Think of all her erectile tissue squeezed into a banana. The little black knob at the end of the banana is her visible erectile tissue —the external clitoris called, The Glans. The rest of a banana’s worth of tissue is right under the surface of her skin and vaginal mucosa (vagina skin).





50% of his erectile tissue is inside his body. I call this his “buried shaft.”

When he rushes intercourse, he doesn’t allow himself to get fully engorged. When he’s fully engorged, you can feel that his penis is firm, hard, veiny if you palpate it inside his abdomen.



Slowing down and getting fully engorged increases the pleasure for both couples. (If the man has trouble maintaining his erection, I answer that in many articles on our website.)

The rest of the entire banana, the 95%, is the remainder of her erectile tissue located inside her aroused vulva and vagina. The part of her clitoris that you can see is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Her erectile tissue is located in the tip or glans (purple), the shaft, and the two arms or crura (blue) of her clitoris as well as the two legs of her clitoris or vestibular bulbs (green).

She also has two other erectile tissue structures. One is the urethral sponge (known as the G-Spot), which is a long tube of spongy tissue found at the top of her vaginal canal (the pink one above the vagina). The other is the perineal sponge located at the bottom of her vaginal canal between her vagina and rectum (dark green).

Only 5% of her erectile tissue is external.

To give her a “hard-on,” the best way to stimulate her to erection is through your fingers, mouth, and tongue.



Genital massage and oral sex are such good foreplay techniques because they give her a hard-on.

You can give her an external massage, focusing on the mons venus and outer labia first. This will give her an aroused vulva. It will also bring blood to the clitoral hood and shaft, as well as the glans. You want to give her a clitoral erection. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to feel the shaft of her clitoris get stiff. She has a tiny little penis-type structure under the hood. It takes about 20 minutes of foreplay for her clitoris to POP with an erection. Then you can squeeze the shaft between your fingers and feel her little clit boner.



Touch with firm but light pressure on the mons, knead the tissue and use your fingertips to stroke above the clitoral hood. Avoid touching the clitoris right away. It will become overly sensitive. Warm up the rest of the buried clitoral tissue first and then focus your attention on the glans. It will feel so much better.




What you’ll see is that as you get the blood flowing from massage and oral pleasuring, her vulva will go from flaccid to pillowy, and her G-Spot will start popping out from her vagina as her clitoris pops out with an erection.


Massaging the outer labia fills the legs of her clitoral structure with blood. These are the pads on the outside of the opening of her vagina.

They like kneading and pressure. She will want different types of touch each time you make love. Just keep asking her whether she wants it lighter or harder. She will guide you.


Next, you can stimulate the area between the inner and outer labia to get to the arms of her clitoris. They drape down from the shaft.

When she’s ready for you to enter her with your fingers, you can stroke the entire opening of her clitoris, which is a sphincter muscle. Be delicate and soft and coax it to open.

You want to provide the pleasure that causes her vagina to draw your fingers in. Don’t push your fingers inside her. Have her body want them inside.

Spend extra time on the roof and floor of the vagina.


By the time a woman has had this much stimulation, her aroused vulva will be puffy, full of blood, soft, and pillowy.

This gives her time to lubricate her vaginal canal.

Our Nitric Oxide supplement made from organic fruit and vegetables is beneficial for women to get fully lubricated. It also helps men get and keep strong erections. Many guys no longer need little blue pills once they top up their Nitric Oxide with FLOW.

FLOW ⇐ Yes! I Made You A Sexual Pleasure Supplement For Maintaining An Aroused Vulva

As we age, our blood flow diminishes. The vagina doesn’t have any glans. The lubrication comes from her blood plasma.

The more blood flow she has, the more wetness and erectile function she gains. The erection is what helps her come.


Please also remember all the other erectile tissue she has: Her perineal area, buttocks, thighs, groin, belly, breasts, nipples, neck, lips, mouth, tongue, and throat all have erectile tissue.


The more intense and frequent her orgasms, the easier she’ll come, and the better her sexual experience will be.

If you have questions or anything, please comment below the article. This is where I answer every question so that everyone can benefit from it.

I hope this has helped you a lot.

I’m sending much love for extraordinary pleasure. And yes, men enjoy getting as much manual and oral stimulation to their external and buried shaft as we ladies do.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight is our program that teaches a clitoral stimulation technique that helps women have multiple, expanded orgasms. Keep Her Coming is our beginner’s guide to female multiple orgasms. Female Liquid Orgasm is our guide to G-Spot and female ejaculation (squirting). The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection is our 8 DVD and digital video program that shows over 200 pleasuring techniques including genital massage for him and her as well as oral techniques and sex positions.

The more pleasuring techniques you know, the better lover you are.


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  3. If he is well endowed and has trouble “fitting” do I need better lube or more engorgement? Can I do anything to help?

    • Try the Ohnut bumpers. He will still get all his pleasure but you won’t feel like you might get hurt.

  4. Hi Thank you for this fantastic article, just would like to add my bit….i never really wanted to believe medical advice in terms of how smoking effects YOUR erection , after 38yrs smoking i can say its 100 days now kicked the habit ,i now have erections cant believe the difference and i am 58yr old .

    • That’s a great personal testimonial. Glad you kicked the smoking habit.

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